When You Put In #Multiple Apps At Chick-Fil-A

Everybody need jobs. People is out here feeling that job application. A lot of people say, hey, they can't find the jobs. But when the job is hiring, you got to put your app in and just for the youth just because you put the app in don't mean, the job is going to hire you. They have multiple applicants, and they get to choose. You know, what I'm saying over 40 and gorgeous, that's what's up here, get a little look at him when Chick-fil-A don't hire, you don't hire you. She got that little, tom boy in it.

Though she got that little, tom boy, go everybody that monkey probably good, oh god. So you're willing to work for free is all I'm saying that you're doing right now, shout out to maria for the three dollar cash maria from Arkansas. I appreciate you. Yes. I do listen for. You young girls you young and slim chicks. You got to act like that by the job that's poor monkey management.

You're doing some wrong. , shout out all the big babies out there that is laying up that got them a player where they don't. Have to be jumping all across the counters and about no job. They don't when Chick-fil-A don't, they don't have to subject people themselves to jumping over the counter about a job. And once you jump over the counter, you know, you're really not going to get higher you applied, five times, obviously, there's something wrong with the things that you put on your application.

And or they just don't need you baby. It seems like one of them babies that will get you in a domestic love relationship. She. Aggressive, she got that energy by herself. I believe with the proper guidance that baby will never ever ever ever jump over the counter talking about.

I put in the applications I need to work here with the proper guidance. She's been led wrong. She's been led by the social media times that we are in right now.

Now now, because we do things for the internet, this could just be one of those little skit things somebody trying to get the views because we damn, they got to kill ourselves to get a.Bunch of views to go viral as we say out here in this street. So listen parents, good mamas. If is your daughter got to jump over the counter about a few dollars an hour, you did not teach her how important her money. Makers are moving right along. I hope.