Hey, guys, what is up how're you today? I hope you day is wonderful, I. Hope you have a smashing beautiful, I, don't know, any other good words, but I hope your day was good. So today, I'm like well, it's another video, of course, I mean, what else are we doing here? I mean, I thought about hunting elephants today or something else, but I don't know, but nah we're here for another video just me sitting here.

Enjoy my beautiful backdrop. I am of planning to get a green screen and sort of adjust my setup. So that you.

Don't have to scare it. My in the background, every time and yeah, that's, um, that's, an energy, drink that sound that's not supposed to be there, hunger, move that's now moved. And as you can tell my hair's not done. Nope today is laundry day. So that's, notoriously, messy hair, day, specific shirt for laundry day and yes, that's a Pikachu over there. If you were wondering, ok, so today's video, I thought, I'd do Australian slang. So like the Aussie slang challenge.

So I've got a bunch of slang words here like. Like a lot I'm going to say what I think they mean, um, and they'll say, what they actually mean after I've after I've had a guess, so I could so much Dalian and a lot of people who what I'm talking to them, I'll say, something random, and they're, just like what does he mean, and I'm, just like, you know what I'll make a video about it? Because I took for comparison. I was talking about tomato sauce this morning. And my friends like what the hell is that catch up to Americans because she's American, so I.

Thought, oh, well that inspired me to do this. So well, it's all that photo does looks good into some slang words. First word is 808. So if something's ace, it means to me, that's, very good. But then doing in meaning here it has excellent, which is the same thing.

So very good. Exceptional. So I say, something say, something's, very good or exceptional, you know, ace, although only know that means it's afternoon, so Australian say, Argo. So if you say, oh I'll, do that later the starboard that means I will do this later this.

Afternoon or I'll, see you in the other I'll? See you this afternoon, we love to shorten words, amber, fluid I've, never heard this one amber flu. What does it mean?

Ok, I would not guess that's. An amber fluid means beer like Foster's, no one drinks, forced. But no one drinks. No one doings fosters, no I like fosters, Ozzie, Australian, I mean, come on that's, an easy, one guys. What else we got here? Beautiful, beauty, I mean, fantastic. She you beauty, she's, a beaut, she's, incredible.

If you never heard that one before it's. Another one, you can use big bobs, big mods, see because, I'm a gamer rising, two huge enemies. But apparently it means loads or a lot of I've never heard that in my entire life I'm 22.

And I've never heard anyone in Australia, say that all right, bloody know that one that means it's very. So if you say something's, bloody brilliant means very brilliant, you know, Ron Weasley, bloody brilliant, fine is bloody brilliant, you know, it's pretty straightforward. No bloody. Oath means it's, certainly true. I mean, Straight up, I mean, I actually read the description for that.

But I knew at that one was, that means something's true, very true blue. So if you have a blue with someone as we have a fight, so you have a fight with somebody someone's having a blue they're having a fight straight up. Am I right argument or mistake? Okay, arguments or fights I'm Connor, our bhaji if something so basically that's dodgy to me. So when I say, something's, Balaji, something's dodgy, it means something's, not right.

So if I say this. This monsters' bhaji that means it's, a dodgy can or something's wrong with it, which it does say, oh, he was to say, poor quality. So get something's wrong with it. A bond are I think the bonsai when I hear that, you know, like bonds, Island may jump in and . But it means great or Ripper I'll get into Ripper later that one's done with someone I've never heard that I've never heard the next one. But ma, it's, one mighty British someone's British is watching and knows some of these things and knows. They're British things, let me know because some of these don't seem like I'd know, them, Butler means something excellent, apparently I've.

Never heard it and I think if someone who bottles things logical bottling, his Bloods was I to talk about. This is my friend bottling. His Bloods worth means he's putting in the effort, and he's making he's like worse, he's worth it essentially he's a he's booed at what he's doing he's being helpful. And it says, he's, an exceptional for bloke is the actual description, but.

Yeah, that's what it means is the next one is, you've got Buckley's chance, which means if you say to someone, you've got Buckley's chance, you got no chance you don't have a chance in at all. You saw someone got Buckley's that no chance not at all bull dust, so it's, not a bull running and making a dust trail. That meant what does bull doesn't.

It Oh means rubbish. So when someone says something like so actually, , basically by calling for doing it differently. So say, bull dust, if. Something's cactus so cactus is the next word something cash.

This means if it's broken is dead, it's, , it's gone cactus target. So for example, my car marked it today. It didn't, but that's how you use that in a sentence cast it is something dice essentially and that's actually associated died to stop working Dhaka.

So chocolate is if you, so I's choppers, mate mean, she's full chakra means full, which is exactly what it says full chakra means full click as a kilometer straight up. I don't. Even need to get into that Alan's. Pretty easy. Come Augusta.

I'm gonna heard Tom Augusta in my life. It says, a bad mistake or to have an accident. Never heard it I don't.

So I said, I've, never heard Tom. Augusta I've, never heard that. So next one is come good. So that means it's going to turn out good this.

One of her before is a cost big bikes. It means it costs a lot of money. Yeah, that's. Pretty easy. I just spotted.

Ok. So this one's crack a fat there was someone cracks this fat that means he's got. If you want to tell someone that they're going to get an erection over a chicle thought, you said, all mate she's better. She makes you crack a fat lunch something like that, yeah, cream to basically to cream.

Someone you beat them by a large margin it's like it's. The landslide victory sort of deal cut snake. Cut snake means you're, angry, like furious like you're, seeing red you want to kill that mate and all that . Next one's as dry as a dead dingoes longer, which means dry, which is another term.

For something if something is dry, you can say it as dry as a dead dingoes Donner, or some of us just say drives a dead dingoes. Dick also can be used to say someone who's, not getting any action. And you see any of them, oh, they're dry.

So the drive the dead dingoes because it's a dry spell sizzler. Dead set. Dead set means true. If you say, you're, dead set, I mean, she is's the truth, you know, dingoes, breakfast, which means no breakfast, I've, never don't really use that one.

This one everyone knows. Everyone knows Fanning. Come fair. Dinkum fair, dinkum means genuine of you so something's fair, dinkum, it's, surreal, pretty straightforward one. There is a lot here by the ways could take a while docket is the bills dockets. The bill a docker is a documentary drink with the Flies I've. Never heard that one I don't even use that one.

It means to drink alone, but I never use it XE means expensive that I don't use that either and then there's fair dinkum, again, fair. Go fair. Go.

Do you give someone a fair? Go you're, giving them a chance you're, giving them a shot that's, what it says here to suck of the SAS, what a fair suck of the sabot says. And that means an exclamation of wonder or disbelief I cannot when I'm never heard of Murphy is an Australian word for rumor, so someone's spreading a surfeit of spreading. A rumor g'day. G'day means. Hello, get a bloke's give it a burl means give it a go. Give it a whirl it's, the same thing and give it away means to give up.

So if I say I'm going to give away my. Job, it means I'm giving up on my job, and I'm leading going off means good fun so something's going off. So if you're like you're at a party, and you say to someone may this place is going off, it means that it's you having a good time. Good oil.

Good, oil is good information. So it's, like someone gives you a useful idea. Tells you the truth? She says, it's, good, oil. Good Sonya means well done so good on you so good on you good on ya.

We just like the short and brats. So the word grouse I'm going to put. All these on the screen by the way grouse means great or terrific heat. So heaps means a lot of everyone uses that if you is something is you say something looks a bit if it looks a bit dodgy I'm, pretty sure everywhere uses that though so, for example, say, my phone's gone walkabout, so it's going to walk about is a way of saying, it's lost. If you tell someone they have kangaroos loosed in the top paddock, that means they're, intellectually, inadequate. So next time you think someone's stupid.

So all this. Man's got some kangaroos loosen. The top paddock that means that they're, not all there, kick the bucket means to die.

Knock back means to refuse. So if I knock back your request, it means that I'm refusing it London tool. Brick means absolute certainty, I've never used that in my life.

Okay. So do you say who opened their lunch? That means okay who farted stuff someone farted, you can smell a fart say, a who opened their lunch just means why's. It stinks mates rates means cheaper than usual.

Also mates discount. Means cheaper than in shorts or something no worries if I say, no worries, if I sell ice, no worries mate. That means I'm going to do it. No problem as dry as a nun's. Nasty means the same thing as the dingo it's, a it's its, a very, very dry, and you're, not getting an equal.

Ah, piece of piss means it's, easy pig's ass. If you say pigs asked somebody if they're so say, I, some walks up to you and says, all, oh, I chicks really hot in you go on pigs are she is that means that you agree like this she's, not or.The same goes for girls, let's be gender, equality, chick walks up, June, guys, all right, she's so hot. And you go pig laughs. That means you disagree, uh, if you bring a plaque, literally means bring a freaking plate of food to the party. So someone says, I bring a pet. So if you say up, or you want to come and modulate for a party tonight, and they go, yeah, ya do I need to bring anything. And you go up bring a flight night.

And they don't bring a plate that's like rude. You bring a plate of food. If I put you in a palsy. That means I'm putting you in a position sort of deal with it can be good or bad. You want to make a quid.

That means you want to earn a living Runoff. That means get lost get out off, don't know, I talk to you reckon means for sure.

So if something's for sure I don't know how you know one of the sentence to be honest, but yeah, means for sure rigid edge. That means original genuine. So if they're the rigid edge, there's, a genuine there, the OG so someone's been around for a while and say, like a fan. Base on YouTube holiday. The rigid ditch means they're. The DOGS right means. Okay.

So some come if you are someone says something you go, right? That means okay, it's another way of saying it ripper means great. So this hour you little ripper means you're great. So basically like that rooted means broken or stuffed.

So if you say, oh, I, McLaren's, rooted, it means it's, it's, stuffed she'll. Be apples mean it'll all be. Alright.

So if you go up to someone, and they're really nervous about say, their math, Test on I'm really nervous about my math test today, you go to how should be apples me means she's going to be all right? Also, you can say, she'll, be all right. She'll be right? So you can say, she'll, be apples, or she'll be right that's. It means basically the same thing it's all going to be okay, sparrows fight.

So if you're getting up at a Sparrow's fight, so say, I'd get up I got up a sparrow start this morning means I got up at dawn means I got up and started day. Strewth that's, an explanation basically. The cost ruse, yo, man, stoked means, you know, pleased very happy sort of deal, and I'll be stopped to surprise, it's, a surprise. So it's, the same thing here to the start off as a challenge sort of deal to see if I could guess it. But now I'm, just educating you want a strange slang, I hope, that's, hopefully that's, okay, there are some funny loads here I to write.

It means definitely hit the terms it's funny. My friends do this a lot if you hit the turf that means you're going on a drinking. Binge and not worth the Zach means you're, not worth anything so Backs, not worth anything in Australia. You come to Australia and then Zach, you not worth anything, I'm. Sorry, census how it works.

So not what does act beings not worth a thing? Another one that we use that I came across when I was in the states. I mentioned. I said it to a friend while we were talking, and she had nobody was talking about was on when my Sauron flat. So if my phone's flat, or I get a flat battery that means it's dead because. In Americans, they used to work dead. So thanks for watching guys, I hope.

You enjoyed this video. This has been the Australian slang challenge less of a challenge more just me telling you Australian slang and educating you a little because I, don't know, it's just I thought. It could be fun. We say, some funny, , sometimes and like, you know, a lot of people like the classic throw it on the shrimp on the barbie, you know, that's, throw on another sausage down at Bangor and dangers and mash that. Sausages and potatoes, like we say some funny, .

So I thought you guys might just like a video of me, just me talking . If you like in the content around, you get subscribed two videos, a week doing this sort of thing in a blog, yeah, hit the like button. If you like the content, women I didn't, really put a lot of effort into this one to be able to switch you.

But it was something I thought up that I thought could be kind of funny. So have a wonderful day, stay safe, and I'll. See you next time.