Hi types of clicks Watch out, carefully 5, it's, okay, Okay Assalamu alaikum. Warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh, oh today's schedule. We are fishing under the cliff together. There is a jury and Are averse , hopefully there will be sustenance by chance at this time, the water recedes.

Ah, for friends. Congratulations do fasting worship may our deeds of worship be accepted by his side, Hi, given the blessing and ease by Allah subhanahuwata'Ala, amen, ya, Allah, Okay, let's, continue now, activate our settings until it's. Finished, not okay,, still here, okay, But what is used?

Uh, uh, Hey, Holiday, bait octopus. Tentacles are used, yes, The cellphone is used tobacco. This story is many times, yes, There is a promise , bright files, The Surya din process is ready., but OK sip HAI. ABA, AtoZ, hey, won, won, won, won, Peter, that's, fast, uh, uh. But it works. Oh, it's effective, it's a promise, uh, uh, hi, hi.

Hey. Star. Wars. Yeah, Well say, tap I found it again, here's, the fish, I promise to put another banner, OK, sip, hi, hi. Hello, Hugh. Huhuhu, high, Gemini, blue, Strike, Oh, there's, also straight with the , uh, related too. Eh.

The same pull is over. So the track is again, a music Hi by pas. Okay, change it again, right? Testing team. Wow, there's, dogs, Flag, again, huh.

Hah, Hey!. Bro. Wow, want but djw100 coring Come on. Ah, yellow, tail, fish. This time Yoga's face, Won, ah, Wow, beautiful, again, Hey. Pizza, Okay. This is hi, hi Hey.

Jogjaflight. People are also there? Uh, uh, uh, YT. On.

Hope, Hey. Hey man, but hey, hey, hey. Okay.

Okay. Temporary results. Okay. Ah, ah, Not changed It's.

Amazing they're on tiptoe Strike again, everywhere, why? Disgust? Ah, only magic that the victim is silent is important right? Oi. Oi on the edge. Watch out MP3, hi, hey, hi.

They Wow great Hey. Get it? Take it? Take it. Bored. Ah, Okay tips, hi, hi.

Hi of Jesus. Dental tracks Hah where's, was off Hey. Statue, again, four promises, ah, ah, also, Troy, Yoga, B, which one, hi, hi WWF or Sega without Bruno. Ah, ah, eh. Eh? Eh, hi, oh m. An tap Wow, temporary results. Alhamdulillah.

Incredible. This time Uh preparations for us to. Break our fast for a while yes, I, promise, Uh, I want but Ogam. Ah, Strike is coming off again, won there's. Something bro Helene, eh at 02.00. The temperature is hopefully Pro Alhamdulillah.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, is touching Sorry wood, Uh, Uh, added more Hahaha. Okay, sip Hey. Eh. Jedi. Anarchist playing fish. Cutting Pocket Edition was incredible. This time Alhamdulillah a lot this first time, Wow, great, eh here.

And there Strike love is no longer relevant here. Woi, won group. Hurry, up, Across, pong, Hello, Hugh, John, Helene. Huhuhu welcome regarding. The law of the Fit motorbike, Hugh, big, huh, injured from the influence of the j7 series. Uh, ah, sorry, ya, Hi, Wow, big, girth, Hutu, he-he, Ma, but Farid.

He is still in the position of a superstar Ouch. The results have a promise, uh, enter jj0. But the widow. This time is extraordinary, promise, uh, uh, OK, Google. How do we continue Hi me?

What is this smile is magic? There is war. Helene later, cut your credit, yo, to hurry up order fast. This is still available the. The man is Uh or ah, uh, You're running away from the rain Hey Okay, Thank God, There's. Another boater breaking the fast, just eating HAI. Re HAI, hi won, won, period, checked, again, Hey, jute, again, Watch out he'll break up, hey, oh need.

Hi won. Lipase, tote, Hutu. So let's, go home. Okay, friend -friends, Now we have the fish Adman, process., It's already getting lazy. So.

Let's just go home., Okay, let's, gather all the fish. Okay, How much is it. Try, 10, ah, nine, fish, Alhamdulillah, it's, amazing, uh, take an appointment Uh, Uh. Okay.

Okay, okay? Huh. Okay step Alhamdulillah. Thank you. Thank you.