Riutilizzare Una Tela Per Dipingere Di Nuovo . Coprire Una Tela. Gesso Su Tela

Hi are the SCA and these sums of soiled canvases, what to do throw them or recycle them. It was very simple that many little ones do it, Picasso also did it in short, Many artists, did it, that is to say, to use the canvas by making it return in short, with the plaster you put it at the base? It is enough, not that you paint over it. Smearing it. Now here it is. This is a painting that I made I saw the painting. This was precisely on a canvas of the same one.

It was smeared I did not like the result. So I. Put the plaster under, and in fact, and it came I want to see a normal picture. No one would say it was from a recycling. Canvas I'm sorry about the perspective.

But now I'm using here I am not yet an expert on these, or even that the equipment many in artisan quotes. So start also patience. You see, this is a painting to oil made just a canvas.

Now I will explain to you. It is very simple. First, you need the plaster a sign. For example, he produces one see I show him some examples I in this one. Instead, this gesture as the Alex, but there are different. Good brands.

Each here is this then I bought just this one liter here. It is native the same brand of the hills. And the one it does the Rembrandt watercolors etcetera. So this is a good brand for artists, but they are at 3 a liquid, for example, I Rocco. Now I will show you this. One of the also I make use of it and I also recommend liquid expose. You see for the plaster, it says, acrylic Esso, but then I painted on top also with oil, or.

Painted with both oil and acrylic. So here, even if it says acrylic, you can use it important that it is plaster for artists. You can find it in shops for beautiful arts in short, You can see the brand with which you are best if you are interested, then maybe it can go on even a little hole of objects produced reviews. I am a painter among Violet the, low budget. In the sense that there are two types of Victoriano, those who use the very expensive things of the best quality, no because everything signed. Is cool because then there is this thing that is the best quality here is the thing.

What is that brand there me? Instead, I, am that I try a little of everything that happens? Sincerely then I use what I am best with and even becoming from the budget. Sometimes the budget does not always allow. It is not okay, however, these are the objects that I will use now you will not need everything now I will show you two different techniques. These with the liquid is always a liquid palette knife, always that. Brand of acrylics, the brand of fine arts that does different things.

And this is a formal palette knife for painting always instead. These are simple employees for house painter, I, bought it own shop. You do yourself from you in well who near paid alive that in I do not remember I have not exceeded 3 euros, because we will see it on the plaster that I care. Because many here we have the mania that they use the best brush to smear.

And then understand the brush is ruined, and the brush too costs with the. Tivoli the useless that you use the best brush with the TV appeal and Verona Boccaccio let's say, that's also why this is easy of plastic lake with ease after so after the plaster I, renew them easily here. So I use these two brushes.

Well, bent also different sizes. If I use it, but I use the big brush in short, there are different sizes. Now I do some examples. The simple one for the video. Oh, well, then I'll show you the first method with the future I will do with the Staveley method.

This is the. Sword, but then if the true and great I can use here, too now, see sorry that they are not so used to talking and painting together at the same time. So they are not multitasking. Oh, well, then let's start. Then with I open this jar here to see how the plaster here then and then do.

So no, because it says is here and painting is it is useless that they talk at this moment, because you have to see how I am doing. So they do not seem random movements that is, It is not that I am thinking about the end when. This is a practical thing.

Step. There is not much to explain no 1 for the edges of things because I show you the spatulas here. This, for example, this is a texture. See when the painting dries up you have this, for example, very beautiful, abstract paintings that have everything there they seem that underneath. It is not really they have a kind of low relief here. You are with low relief type effects.

If you don't like this effect is how it will also be seen that's. Why I also often use 2 typical spatulas. And with I make the base I am very attracted to this type of spatula, identify the speech, I can also make videos. If you are interested on the culture of the sword that they also make very, very beautiful and often precious and cheap bread that easier to manage is not easier to manage is difficult to manage ironing for easier after cleaning, no it's easy for the police it's. Not that the brush is instead a mess to clean, even if it's easy to talk for beginners, even oh, well.

Anyway, the talk I don't get. Lost here there would be so much to talk about me. Anyway, I'm one of those fixed with they are two types of schools that of the messy artist under the casino, the color chaos. And that of the police for me had it all always cleaned the first thing to do always clean brushes equipment wanted the same for the palette. Then here is, if you are interested in these arguments' sheep. Video, indeed, does not know willingly with comment that is why I do not have a thing? No, when I was also looking for many.

Techniques I turned on YouTube, biggest primes, because unfortunately, they do not teach many things practice school. You do a lot on theoretical I do not know why? But oh, well, it is important, however, It deviates. So many things at least they taught me. So I did a lot of research. One thing that interest me a lot was precisely the d hate course, I got lost BOH I lost what he was talking about. Well, I don't, remember what I was talking about?

Because in the meantime, here, you see I'm painting, this is so. Yes about cleaning I was saying precisely that they do not report how to clean the palette there are so many people who then a certain type appears in the CEE, because there is poles image. The messy artist who serves chaos do them if they were interested with a comment, gladly here's, what I wanted to say we often tend here. This is another topic that in many videos.

We talk about precisely painting techniques. Maybe nice here are these low things. It is not explained by anyone, or if they explain.Then, however, it is not easy but too little instead, in my opinion, they are very interesting things that is not that nobody talks about them, but you are an underestimated topic. Everyone likes to talk more about theory.

I, talk more about practice. Possibly about painting styles here are these basic things, and then I try to say this, too in my video. Oh, well since I don't give this. So it is part 1. You are talking about talking. You see that particular texture here.

This is the effect. Then we wait for it to. Dry because it is not that I do something else see I, add add add another I like it I. Do it even more I do a little more so well. And then we wait for it to dry. We wait for it to dry, ok?

And after very well to win, what we did, then this is a base. It is excellent. Both for acrylic I, see them. And for oil painting is people mixed technique each bowl there is water here. You can see it sometimes worked lumps here.

They are part of the canvas or the old seeing oil of the old painting, and you can remove and. Then go on. So here is known citrus fruits, because they can also sprout lumps here then let's go on here. Then if when it dries to see, if sometimes there is some part that you do not like one could also pass over it.

You can go over it 23 times also here, for example, with the brush now that they show I always review them at least twice at least now. The one with the brush left here it is. This is only to remove the gesture from before because it was already there before. But here it will be suspended. Now shows you how to do this is the brush very simple pace. Now you see little, but here I go all horizontally see if you can still see light below, it does nothing now I will explain why in the meantime we go on, because if not here the plaster dries quickly, so you have to hurry here. It is not that one.

There is a lot of time to think about it. Here. It ends up going on when I finish arrived at the end, when I finish I check the angles, but always horizontally with the same movement, because you see that. If you have a kind of caution for what follows a movement, you see lines is a movement that almost follows the movement of the earth. Here I am passing you another part, but always with the same direction when it dries GA, I, usually, wait at least four hours.

There are those who even say a night is waiting for you, However, comfort in summer, even 4 hours is enough anyway, when it dries, you repeat this step, but in this direction now I can do it because I have to wait for it dry. But I try to explain it. Here here in this direction here, then if you do not like to see something transparently, you want to make more than the second pass. And so if you do not want to add another pass, it is like this. You can go to infinity, I, typically do two.

And they are enough for me. You can do it 34 as you want, but understand 1 and 2 pass try a takeover bid for Salvatore. This job was therefore okay here. Sometimes just one pass. And just with the brush see slightly more consistent also said, holy a little heavier here.

Then everyone depends on what you want to do. So they are choices of if you like to work for example, with glazes, no, there are precisely these be the paintings that go to glazes. It is not convenient for you to put this here. If instead you like it more, it does an abstract thing with the brushstrokes, but also impressionistic. This is better levels. What you want to do I use both depends on what I do here. So okay, here too let's.

Go on then let's cover this too. We will see this too I will always use the. Glazing method this time I can also start like this with the vertical. It is not that the important thing is that they alternate. So then it started like this. You can. And then when I finish this part here, I, wait for it, they dry, and I redo.

It passed it horizontally and to embrace it level with all. This I have done a lot of paintings, many times or recycled to the component. I am. Now I say that I can't show everything when I grow up, so I show this little one who was as an example, you see. This enough hear hear, no one would think that it has been recycled in short from recycled material. Here. This is an e example, oh well, let me know if you liked this style of video, and you need other practical topics, here are practical and also theoretical then I will do another theoretical series.

But now let's start on practice. If you are interested in these videos, let me know a comment is a like I, also, invite you to join me and follow me also on Instagram classic Wilde. So you can see my works.

And what kind of paintings I paint, oh, well to the next video and see these do not worry. So, and there is a bit of chalk do not worry again, all that is enough pay hands with soap or even a bit of oil here. There are also those who use gloves when they do. These works with Hollywood. Well, I don't care that I feel good.

So then there are those who also only artists things. But also here, how many rubber ok, See you next time.