Revelle 50th - Remember The Humanities

What I think is distinctive about reveal college is well, first we all have to suffer through the humanities sequence. But I think if you ask, everyone who's had a little distance from it whether it's in their junior year or years after college, they will tell you that revel humanities taught us how to think how to write and how to always represent our ideas as an undergraduate my experience of ravel college was it just hit me like a tidal wave from the first day. And I could not believe how. Hard I had to work to keep my head above water.

It just seems so impossibly, difficult and so much work. And why do I have to do all these humanities and classes. And why do I have to take this foreign language requirement and the physics is too hard and the calculus and the biology and the chemistry. And it was just all so much reveal college had this special atmosphere.

The students were always so supportive of each other, and they could rally around being upset that they were required to. Take that humanity sequence. So we used to do celebrations, you know, you're starting your humanity sequence every winter quarter. And then when they finish the humanity sequence, they would get these buttons saying, I survived Hume, the value of the ravel curriculum doesn't become apparent until later on like it was in graduate school. When I began to realize the gift I had just been given because I could directly compare myself to the other clinical psych grad students. But it didn't take me long to.

Realize that my education was vastly superior to the ones that they had received, and they had gone to Ivy League schools. A lot of them, many students come into ravel college, and they learn a little about what the humanity sequence is all about. And they have a tough time with it, because if it's very rigorous, and it really challenges the way you think about the world and about the way you analyze literature and the way you write and every day in my job, I have to write and analyze and the skills. I developed through the humanities sequence and through the general education requirements in revel really helped to develop the skill set that I have today, I know to this day. I have my books from reveal humanities. And sometimes when I go on vacation, I just grab one from the shelf and read it. And every time I read one of those books.

It means something differently for me. Revell's grads have said to me, I can write and publish because even though I'm a scientist I learned how to be a well-rounded. Person, I think the rigor of the academics is really what separated it. The fact that you did have to take the sciences, the know, the intense math and the humanities. And I think that that created a sense of pride that you weren't, just there for college. You were there to learn you.