People Are Trying To Get Me Cancelled, (*proof That I Did Nothing Wrong*)

Hey, everybody, uh. Welcome back to another video today, I'm going to be explaining what's happening with the whole, uh, what's. His name, friendly thing he's, trying to get me canceled again, basically, uh, not again, but like he's he's, trying his best to get me, fake cancelled, but it's not happening. This time I'm standing up for myself, and I have all the proof ready? Um.

So basically, what went down is during the hockey event. The lunch event, um, I was streaming, lean you're on my stream, right? Yep, yeah.

So, um, the. Servers went down for the event you can confirm this everybody saw that, um. And somebody in my chat said, makeup, look at NFT, right?

Correct? I made up look at NFT. Look at this. Look at this here. Let me go to my NFT all right. I have to change my window capture and properties blue.

Look at NFT. Look. This is literally what it is its a book at NFT and nobody bought it.

But um, basically in chat this. He was in my chat. He was in my stream. Furthermore, he dms me on discord saying, yo, Brahma buy the NFT, but I wasn't.

Actually trying to get this NFT sold, it was completely a joke bro. But I mean, if somebody did buy it, I would let them into the thing, but I know how hard it is to get Ethereum. And it seemed like you genuinely wanted to get into the guild right? Yes. I really did want to.

So he dms is saying I'll, buy it. Let me get my card it's. Not my mom's card, it's, a gift card. I said, bet, yo bro, did you buy it?

Because I don't know, I just want to get that Ethereum bro. He said, what's a minimum, blah, blah, blah, you can.Also, just buy me nitro for dream guild, this isn't like wrong, it's, literally an offer. And he said, all right, let me just buy nitro. Thanks. No problem. Just wondering, natural classic irregular. And I said, regular, because I want to give this to my fan, which I already did, um I'll, give you chat, mod 2, cause why not okay?

And then he sent the nitro as you can see I'll copy this link here. Thanks. Now I did not claim this look. I've had.

I got nitro on. Furthermore, I got nitro on February 24th, right now. It's march. 6Th. And he gifted this, what is it? Uh yesterday.

And if I go to my server, I made an announcement saying, 10 reactions and I drop a nitro. Everybody said, another, but as you can see, let me paste this link exactly the same link. And it says, you have been gifted a subscription. And I said who got it? Dm, me let me go down to my dms gotta find this dude, where is he is name is like sneeze or sneeze? Yeah, here I think I got it. Yes, you did and look this is not staged at all see.

Look 1. 44 p.m. Look when I dropped it.1 43 p.m, I think I got it. Yes, you did.

Yeah. I got it. Look.

He has nitro. Andy server boosting at the exact date that I uh, um gave the nitro away. He said, no problem. There are boosts too. He said, he's a big fan. Okay. Let me boost your server.

He boosted my server once because I don't want him to waste both of his boots on my server and that's that I said, woo. And that was the end of that. But um, the other day. Uh, I was in the blanket server.

We were in first place, uh, the launch event. Um, oh, wait let's. See, uh. Lean lean can you tell your side of the story like exactly how it went down? Oh, I wanted to get in the guild because I really wanted to get the rainbow astronaut. And I gifted him the nitro.

And I did. I got in the guild place. And then I don't know where people said, he scammed me, even though I was in the VC.

And I was in the guild not once is there a way to see the leaderboard still, let me see I'm going to try to see lunch club? Ah, it doesn't work. Oh, Ben is typing Ben's typing, right now. Yes, bro. Timing. All right top 25, please and even though, and I'm not trying to be rude.

You were last in the guild for the whole entire thing. And I still didn't, kick you, correct? Correct. Yeah. All right. Let's.

See what Ben has to say real quick, also, let me get up the orally messages I'm, not going to leak or willy's gems, because I know he's going to try to get me canceled for that, too. Let me turn off streamer mode or really what's. His name pro or really Vermont for real sure all right, what's his name bro, um, oh, Yeah, free, free, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, from free.

862. Bro. Gold is 362. That's, weird, um, what's his name. What do you change his name to bro he's off? Oh, no, no he's. Not orally all right?

Let me switch tag and from search, oh, I haven't blocked all right. Let's. See not only is he being disrespectful to me, but he's being disrespectful to a lot of people even how to get his whole guild. He hacked orange, and that cost us a lot of trophies. Yeah, he hacked orange too. No, you can't, you can't automate something that.

Requires admin privileges how's, it going to automate it bro. You can't just do that sassy. Let me I want to find the dm's that he said, or he said to us, I'm just going to unblock him real quick, I'm going to jump to the uh let's go to seven.

Nope. Let's, try 15. 13. Yo, he's, just on Ben, Stewart bro that is rude man and stories bro all right.

Let me see where is it 12. Or I'm, just going to go to not common? Yo, I'm recording right now. Can you show me the evidence all right now we wait? You ready for this let's. See if he actually has proofed all right? So, um, how much do I have to show other proof?

Do you think that's enough? I'm, pretty sure that's enough. Oh also, Aurelia's just mad at us. Because we kicked him out of the guilt for being literally inactive let's, see, um, yeah, he's also salty, because he got demoted I'm, not going to say any more stuff, that's, controversial.

But, um, basically, yeah, that's. The evidence that I did not scam a little kid out of nitro to get into the server. Um, yeah. I hope this cleared. It up.

If you were taking or willy's side, um say, bye, Lena, I guess, uh, you can like to plug your channel. If you have one it's up to you, I don't have a channel. Okay?

Do you have anything you want to plug no all right? Well. Thanks for stopping by thanks for helping me out. No problem.

See you? Man, yeah, all right. So, thank you guys for watching this video. I hope this cleared it up as I said earlier and yeah, um also I need as much support as I can get because people are currently trying to get me canceled, and it's. Not okay, it's, literally, not okay. So, yeah, I hope you enjoyed this video peace out.