Noted Dragons Bones In Wilderness - Green Dragons

As most, you guys know, I, finished the water Nestle Diaries about a week ago, and I wanted to basically do an hour of all the dragons and awareness. Because one of the perks of doing the wilderness Lea Diaries is getting noted dragon moon drops when you kill dragons in the wilderness and I rated lava dragons, and they were pretty decent profit as well. I could have done a couple of things better to basically increase my profit per hour. But this time I want to do green dragons, which I think are going to.

Be a little better profit. Now, I've seen some other videos on YouTube, where people do Green Dragons with the elite Diaries done. And they do it. All with melee is what I mostly saw I wanted to try it out with blowpipe. No I didn't use the cannon I think cannon was unnecessary, and they get you some more kills per hour. But personally I just decided to just use the blowpipe now I decided to do 1,000 charges so 1000 over skills and 1000 adamant darts. And then basically I just wore welfare gear.

My. Gear, consisted of buck DI top and bottom, nozzle, Ava's, accumulator, snakeskin boots, barrows gloves of fury and the blowpipe as well as a ring of dueling to get the clan wars. And then my Vector was to prayer potions, extended, anti fire, a range potion, some lobsters. And then I also had a looting bag. And then I also had to spell book swap to the ancient spell book, which I could then teleport to the Carolina teleport, which the base of the graveyard like that skeleton Brevard awareness, which is. Basically right next to to agree dragons in like 2324 wildernesses. So that's, basically what my setup was and my inventory I did not bring a DFS or a night dragon fire shield.

Because if you're using a blowpipe it's, basically enough just to bring the extended Nancy fire. You don't get hit that off on my Green Dragons, they're, melee attack, isn't that great. So you can basically survive a full trip there on just some lobsters in your inventory and that's, really all you need, I mean, I could bring a. Dfs as well as like a broom or our middle crossbow, but it's really unnecessary I think blowpipe is obviously the best for most things nowadays. And it just tore through two green dragons, the blowpipe wasn't insanely fast to kill only green dragons. And obviously it is. So the really nice thing was I was killing this dragon and like four or five seconds because it just hit so often, which is really nice.

So even with this low range bonus I was still tearing through them, which was perfect. So I. Could do about 40 to 50 kills in inventory I think it was mainly like 45 to 50 kills that I got per inventory. And it was really pleasant having the noted dragon bones there because you could just pretty much full your whole looting bag with green dragon hide and then fill the rest your inventory with the Green Dragon Knight as well and just have one inventory slot filled by the dragon bones, which is pretty good it's, also, really nice, because they dropped the dryer that the heads like the insult heads. Which are like worth like 11k each, and they drop them send me typically for me as well and that added up as to a pleasant, total so props to them for dropping that.

So each trip took me about 15 minutes, usually a little less, but 15 minutes, I guess you could say was the average I managed to do four trips in the one hour that I was there and per inventory. You could say that the average for the main inventory was about 250 K a little less. Some time a little more sometimes, mainly because the bulk.

Of it came from the dragon bones, the dragon bones are very expensive at the moment they're going for about thirty-three thirty, four hundred each, which is a pretty high compared to usual. So good thing they're that high because the profit obviously goes up. And then the greed dragon side are still at a decent eighteen hundred each at the moment.

Now, my inventory was usually about twenty fifty k. And then my looting bag was obviously all filled with green dragon hides. And that always came up to fifty. One thousand one hundred GP so per inventory I was making about three hundred K. So if you could do the math right now, three hundred K for four trips that takes now, or it's about one hundred, 1.2 mil, but I will get to the loot in a little. So you can see pretty much everything nothing special in terms of drops I, managed to get one hard clue there in the hour. And that was towards the end as well. But if you guys have these done, and you're trying to get hard clues, then I'd recommend going you're.

Greedy dragons with your ring of both imbued, because you can get the drop their prey very quickly. The hard clue drop as well as getting these note bones and the Dragon Knight. So you can make good profit while going for hard clue. So just a little tip for those of you looking to do hard clues. Now one will quickly mention this just like I mentioned it in the lava dragon's video, some people like to make green dragon dead bodies here with the green arrogant dragon as they collect. So basically just. Bring some thread in a needle, and then they just turn all the green dragon as they get into Korean dragon hide bodies.

And they have to make sure to obviously detain the leather as well when they're here and this helps because you can stay here for a very long amount of time very long time, even if you can say that you can stay here for a long amount of time, and you can get like a hundred denoted dragon bones. So 150 kills in a trip when you're turning these into the green dragon dead bodies that. Being said, I think, it's less money per hour. If you do that, you basically can just stay there for a long amount of time when you're doing that method I think you can get like 150 kills an hour if you're turning them into green dragon dead bodies, but with the constant banking of the bones. And the hides I think you're getting closer to like 180 to 200 kills an hour. These are just my estimates from what I from other videos and from what I've done.

So that's, just you can do that as well. But personally. I, just like thanking the Heights and the bones. So here we have the one hour of loot from the Green Dragons with the world elite done, which is 1 million forty-five thousand, four hundred and fifty-seven GP. Now that being said, I did spend money on supplies and I did spend money on my blowpipe I used one thousand solver skill charges and I also used I. Think it was four hundred and forty-eight Addie darts.

You can see right here. I also use some lobsters prep oceans range, potions and anti fire. Posters. And that all came up to 320,000 GP.

So if we have to take 320k basically away from the 1 million, 45,000 profit, we made which comes out to 725 k. So with the blowpipe, you are killing them very quickly that being said, you are spending money on these skills in the darts, which at the moment are very expensive. So you have to take that away. So I do think you actually make money with more money with if you just take them with melee, you may not kill them as fast, but you're, not losing any money on the.

Darts or the skills that I lost, so I, still think you'd be getting more money Pro with the melee I may be wrong. Let me know in the comments, which you guys have done, I know, a lot of you guys said, you have the world really done in a lava dragon's video. You guys said, I did some things wrong. So let me know with this video anything I could do to increase profit per hour, and maybe I'll make another video on it.

Or you guys, you can just mention the continents, and I'll leave it there. Anyway, you guys. So. Still a decent profit with the blowpipe, obviously you killed him faster, but you're spending money on the blowpipe itself. So again, I wasn't being I. Guess, a hundred percent efficient I was sort of AF King while doing these. So I may have stood still for like 15 seconds at a time when I could have been attacking a dragon, which could have got me some more kills per hour.

But you never know, yeah. Anyway, guys, that's. It's. The good thing is that I finished a hard cool after this and the war, definitely. Made up for it so enjoy the reward. I.

Guess, but anyway, guys. Thank you all for watching hope to see you next time have a good one and peace, Oh kill me member.