Fear of AB. So in my video after this I will have my intro back my Lizzie, oh, my god and a tendon and a wherever it goes I'll have that in the next video, which will be after this video today or tomorrow. But anyway, you know, I ran out video ideas. So far my, so I'll show you my fashioned drip, you know, let me show you my fashion drip.

So first laughs, yeah, I got this champion. Heady. My finger lowered up hurry I got this champion hoodie. You know, this is some fire drip. Nothing just a little Sun. You know, Like sign now we're in the house, my girls and AZA, and obviously I have the champion drip I got this one, you know to wear tonight, followed to wear to my birthday parties and stuff I got this any YouTube buddy wants to hoop, and I was lying I, got my tea, ready, nothing? And if I'm just walking around the mall, I got this.

Now this matches with this okay. And this these go together and together mix ultimate drip now I'm saying, walk around with this with my hair, but I'm, taking everyone's girl and saying, That this dish and I see this pink thing, I, don't think I'll ever wear. This I don't think I am I'll probably well at once as a joke or something, but I don't think I'll ever actually wear it. But yeah, that chump in Hindi goes well with that was in the future. But yeah, this thing's called Trippe top costed about Oh together, 1,500 credits in I'm saying. But because I'm up I have this clove supplying I. Do you have a close supplier?

He gets close for me. You know that I have this hoodie, you know, I don't think. Anything on my fine goes with it doesn't think, so I feel as like a lady that's where, and I was going about this last hoodie up in the hood, he's calm.

Now that I have a lot of clothes on my thing, which I don't, even like I'm this. This outfit will go with this, and it'll make I could wear these Jordan's for two things. So that's. Okay, the pants were load.

Yeah, you know, I got that was about that I got this supreme hoodie. This could go like that. And then like also socks, yeah, who you thought. That you could buy sucks, and I view me borrow, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Um I got this kappa drip cap or a drip, you know that anyone who knows me, and I'm here, you know that I love kappa. I love kappa, b. Its bow cap a trip, you know, then off or drip.

So it's had a guy. And I got this night could eat which I am I going in my key to go with it. Um I, sweat, son like this in the house, you know, my socks again, you know, I, obviously take off the hat because they're kinda like a pine cone. Yes, a little son, you. Know, Fuji days are where that hoodie, oh, sorry, I'm like that. Next I to be honest, I don't, even know why even have this I don't know why I even have this check suit I, put it on my wish list, and I just got it because, my clothes supply, charge a shout-out.

My mom, a shout-out what our guys name. He them, gift me like I'll, put a sign on my wish list, and I'll gain the same day it's crazy. But this supreme, you know. Now this is what it mainly goes for. This is what the thing originally goes was this.

This is. The original truck seat right is the original one is he boom, pheasant drip I got freshman drip I got this never broke again, Hood, you know, I will probably wear like this. And then while I DS, yeah, boom, obviously, take additional work I like that for me, you know, fashioned drip again, got this babe outfit, which I've never worn in my life.

I've never ever worn this in my life. This is the first time just for video I've, never ever gone into a chat room with it. Never next have this movie, Vuitton I. Don't even know what this even goes with like I, just bought it because I just wanted to buy it. It looked cool.

So I bought put like if I'm going out, especially when I blue jeans of it, you know, sound like hmm, sound like this. Maybe you know step out, you know, go to the mall a sign. You know, you see like that is cool with folk I. Go I, got his black jacket. No it's, just a red black jacket regular.

You know, there's a red corner me, TDG just tweeted. My guy out DVT, um, I, got this. This other video just goes. Fulfillment, just do this I'm looking like, ooh, these bands actually that's a good-ass mix I.

Think, yeah, no color. Don't. Go I need to find an outfit for that. Next I got these Berlin see Argus, you know, I have the shoes as well. Don't get up. I got the shoes. You know, I learned lying green. So I probably make her like DISA, sorry. But yeah, you know, oh yeah.

I. Take this orange pillow because these type of jackets they do not come off. Let me just show you on my jib undermine the video because like. There's, always a video I did, and I was, and I'll be boring. But yeah, this was a fashion jab at Kailua, you all real quick done.

They seemed got all the trip bro. All the jump don't, get up don't, get it , not this house. My first ever heard in I'm of you ever got this fires and rip, you know, right? See that's my first ever Chuck see bombs and then fashioned rip I have so much shoes, bro, unbelievable dog.

And they on my first have issues. These Jordan's next to the brown boots, then accessories like. Are so many poses so many hats I have a lot of chains, it's like a Rolex es, but I don't. Let them I don't know why? But I just never wear them. Five loads, I've hats, guns.

You know, a pod, so I don't want them anymore. Go glass is what is this man? Just want to see my hair's got different hairstyles, I got waves, red hair, blonde like blonde mixed in it twists playing twist Pareto ever focus.

Good chose another waves. Travis Scott had never waves. And my newest hairstyle they're, nice, two strands and I think I. Look.

Up ahead as well, I have a lot of heads for that. And for all of you asking, what is this chord? This is always cool. It 19, mm. Okay, that's what's. Cool.

If you want it, that's, what's, cool it. Okay, skins. Yeah, you know, right? There survivor, toes the area Began.

Hope you enjoy the video, you know, I should not I didn't change, um, you might never bug again, where some mmm, this was some sliders. Keep it casual food. Keep me can yeah, put my finger wave. So that people want to see my hair poking out the hoodie just. Put that real quick, and I was the dip I'll be wearing today.

Anyway, I'm out my.