It's, almost the end of the season. I think we still have 4 weeks to go. I assume the most you all challenge of joint in the game, but before has added news, namely, a new skin with new challenger, Richmond wears that give you all extras can give things, and I'm going to buy them together with you, we're going to shop an item. And where are you? Where are you here?

Are you the monarch level-up? Quest with all social things, get new challenge every week, and I'm going to be right buy? But do I have to code Victor. Of course, program, let us know if you have done that with this skin, plus the new in charge kit, shits to someone who gives my code point in time shop think about us what your epic games name is and all my life I'll give you one of these skins, if you're lucky. Now, let him buy flatter purchase Nria and book with all assignments. Okay, let's. Take a look at the quests, collect Ben, a token'.

Another token you all have tokens so go from Jesus. There are many, ok, ok. But so Colin is every new challenger's.

And then eventually, you can also change your disc to golden skin. Anyway, I'm going to see where your worst something can we go right there in you stayed box where can I wrong one down. Then immediately see what is there and see if he will, of course, just be able to win big. According to my calculations there would be.

Yes. This is a. This is an arrow. Ok? Glass.

Camp, , 70,000, XP home. You level up immediately. If you use a token once, ok, you know what we are going just find a few. We will also go to. Darkest Junkers, john, john, complete, not normal, ok. I will also get you free levels that will be all nice and let's. Be honest.

These can be quite a bully. I think I like it, yes, this CEL and Buddha'. And we even have beats got guys a bit pleasant, putting nice with you. Ok, v, an bounty. Yes, yes that.

Can't throw right a job and see if anyone else can go killer ate a bit of beats on it. Oh he's, what I'm with. But then we already have Spider-Man procase, parliamentary, spy and turns green will go back.

I want. Another spoon, a very good row us. I have a question for you. I think you know better than a small one several climbed angry in a game.

Furthermore, I feel like I really come across five in the mail or something, but I know, it's, not sure, ok, if it's good, we are somewhere, almost you should never be level. Ok. Furthermore, I see it may you see that just another man I have clicked on something special. We are now the 114. And then, if I immediately, the shocker boom equals level him, that's, nice, that's, all that nice. And we have. A treasure map you well, guys I did it all I'm so happy?

I have 2 spectators, pleasant that you join boy, I'll, go. Okay, where versus money goes Wei, it's, not that far there that's, not that far, and when they kill, but I have so much fun in the pot. You have no idea. No. I can turn on a radio. I think maybe copyright it is.

What was me my treasure map here, yes, all a bit well, timed off or not through, oh, no, a little further. Sorry and that's. Okay, listen darling, treasure chest with the color. I have now then he.

Can also have one, where is where give me a pleasant sweet, yes? And then my chord can be correct. So the first child also get a shot-gun, and then we're going to look for that political one for that band show really about each one more level, take my tilde towers, jargon, 3 levels in a jar come along on Tammy for logo, nice, even weather in that storm. I have a minute to build a mine that way to kill is real. Yes. It is so far away.

I think we should drop that bounty it would, so we have the last 32, and I just got. Around, oh, I, don't have any kills yet. But we can now change that again, literally here in front of me. Thank you.

Pleasant ff. A chilly. We, you know, I'll, go. One time, I, don't film. Anything is never me with a heavy or an automatic shot-gun.

So they're going to have a go today how, thank you. Finally, this yard is going to go again with grandma up above. I can get a new job that starts. It works.

All like that feet guys. I can put a new year here. So pleasant down came. Why are you all in such crazier degrees places. There go to some private party. Well, I don't know anything about that that's, why see build a team?

If we have to very must this is the mother can tank. I've never refueled before going to work day can I just I've, never done this before I want to do it. But I think it's, fine as it is ivory here, a lot cheaper than in real life. Yes, it's. Fine. Oh, that me there.

Well that I then something weird or w. If it's before night, I, don't know, what happens really no idea happy that you're not high hard my band. Then.Also, there, maybe a big chance I don't even see it. Thanks, yes. That was the band I'll. Give you the paint? Another 15, 15 players to go there also, especially love my safe, too old.

Never mind can I do something about this that I can drive here. Well, a pity. Unfortunately, better say next time madam can I do something interesting loop, no rift, yes, where we are bots cor inbox, I want people to look spot something or something I can buy a bounty here somewhere. Yes here with you, oh. And there is also someone. Running completely well, completely perfect.

But he wouldn't like grandma is that on the roof, oh, what? No? No, no, no, oh, my god seriously, that was really my throat. weapon.

I take, and I take back my words, what a rotten weapon. I take that energy from you then week, sure, thank you very pizza with it. Ok, here were that lasts that I just got on a monkey episode. Yes, you are the. Ne friend.

Thank you. Why is everyone also a golden ranger? And it is suddenly busy and plaster near, a lot of building. Material, oh, how good? But many people think nice. Hello is this in white me that is something for raised has still seemed that. Well, gin is a spider web.

Yes, then you are also perfect in a box. Give me that spider and with x, and then it's only one player yoga. He doesn't need that one more spring roll, but it's me sitting I'm strong, me, I'm, literally, stacked can't, get anything more than what I have now. And where is the last one or go? Fly I, see that I saw a chicken somewhere there?

Yes, I'm going to pack. Those chickens and for me, I, don't know what else is possible? Yes, okay. Ok, me.

I can really fly high now to john. John had felt grows on this weight, increase than I thought. What happens if I go out, then I die, and I have to do that, hey, nice, that is weird, but was that him.

But that's someone had that man there, yes, ok, we know where it is, where is pleasant to do? We have 5 arms as it is possible. Go do that is the question I said, I didn't just go fishing. It is all possible. This jar. I have this jar.

So. Many things never did that either don't worry. Look, pleasant. You are flapping I. Didn't even realize that I didn't have for lantern. How long have I spent half my day walking around for half an app young people 150 looked.

We won't go through I will always my my my diploma skills and show you and my edit skills how fast I finally am I'm actually magical finds in before after look, ok, start already wrong. I need a straight part. Wait so, ok. Watch my edit skills. Boys, oh, oh, oh.

What good? No, it is I, actually. Have to start training once dogs become perfect at the game, but then I really have to put in a lot of hours, I don't feel like it. People also screamed that guy I have no idea how you went one more midweek, SMG or e and mac. But you get it you're walking really Kong, oh, you're, really a ball of really, really bad.

Ah, ah, till won once.