How To Make A Timer With Mix It Up

Hey, what's up everyone how you're doing today we are going to work on some stream, bot stuff who am I my name is jams. And today I am your stream tinkerer. Some of you know, me as Asian slick slayer over on twitch. I stream at destiny 2 and Call of Duty. Currently, don't have a scheduler right now. But you probably can catch me, definitely Fridays and Saturdays for sure coming in the near future.

Today, what we're going to show and talk about is the mix it up a bot and how awesome it is. Why do streamers? Use bots to make their freaking life easier. They are. They can automate, uh, moderation.

You know to block people or just things in chat. They can also, you know, automate commands. So when someone asks you a question, you can just boom, hey, type this in chat, boom, there's your answer or a timer, or what I love and have set up just now an uh, something that reacts to the start of my stream, we're also today, going to answer questions about how to get a timer on your screen.

Um, one of my good friends, invincible. He kept asking me all these streamer questions about how do I do this? How do I do that? And today, I'm, finally, going to answer him, I'm, sorry. It took so long my friend.

But today I'm going to answer your question about how to get a timer on your stream using mixed up bot. There are many other methods, but I love how mixed up has it built in. Let me go show you what the cool new stuff. I have going on that I just made all right so, um to access like your commands and all that stuff.

Uh, just a little tip here. Three lines in the upper left hand, corner, boom and go to events. Then in here, you can see when something happens in, uh, your stream, or whatever you can have and a command to react to that event, right? So for twitch when the twitch stream starts two events, I have been a discord message and a timer overlay. You guys are curious about how to set up a discord message to specifically, uh message a role rather than at everyone. Um, you know, comment below say, hey, slick, slayer, hey, jams. How did you do that with.

The discord thing and I'll show you today, we're focused on the timeline, so there's, the timer, um command when I start streaming. And if you notice there's, no way to control it, it just says, show hide widget. And then the widget is stream start timer and then visible. So let's go to our overlay widgets I'll show you how to make all this here in a second. I just want to show you my current setup right now, um, as you can see, I have three widgets here.

Let's do the timer one. So when my stream starts up, you. Can see in this area, this is where you select time, what it looks like the position all that stuff after 10 minutes, it's going to do a command when it's completed.

I think that is so cool that you can automate, you know, a command within the timer. What I love about this is, I have a starting soon screen and the timer will pop up and start counting down. And then while it's doing that, I would, I don't have to worry at all that I'm missing the timer or anything.

And I have to press my intro video or. Whatever to go ahead, say, I'm, live on all my social medias, uh, maybe make sure the stream's running good make sure the game is updated or whatever make sure the game's running good. Audio is great, um as well as possibly get some water or something last minute that I didn't think about and that's, why I like using the timer more importantly, I play ads right? And what this does are allow the the uh pre-roll ads on my stream to be disabled and pushes back the mid-roll ads, too. So for my. Size, I think it's, okay, that I have a starting student screen. Some people have argued, hey, possibly you should just go live right when you're scheduled, if people know your schedule, they'll be right there, and they won't miss anything for me.

I like to just use that first 10 minutes to clear out the ads that way people don't get hit with ads, um and miss a really cool event still learning on that stuff. But anyway with that enough, jobber jabber. Let me go ahead and show you the actual command how to. How to create the command, I am, uh new to uh, YouTube, tutorials. So forgive me, this is all jumbled and stuff.

Anyway, you want to make a timer we'll make a simple timer we'll, pretend to link it to a voice right? We'll pretend to link it to a voice. If you guys want me to show you a full tutorial on how to set up voice mod to interact with your channel points, comment below I'm, probably going to make that anyway. But this will help me prioritize that video amongst you know, whatever other questions you. Or invincible has so on my gaming pc, I have mixed it up bot and an obs studio, um setup, and it's, our it's our blank canvas. Basically also there may be some alerts that go off. I apologize, um, I have my actual bot going right now.

So if it goes off, I apologize, um, this works with uh, Streamlabs, obs as well because it's a browser source we're going to make. And I don't know about any other software streaming, software, but obs studio and Streamlabs obs. This should work for it. First things, first, go ahead and. Make our browser source. So you're going to go up here, right-hand corner of your mixed up, bot click on the cog, the settings cog and go down to overlays, and then you're going to add your browser source. Now, if you haven't set up mixed bot or obs studio and need help with that stop by the stream and again, comment below, and I can make a video for that to a lot of comments, I'm asking for I'm, just really needy right now.

We're going to add our browser source we're going to call it timer. Overlay we'll. Just do that easy? Easy, easy, boom, we're, going going to click on it copy happy pasta.

Now, we're going to go over to our uh streaming, software and make a browser source, um, we'll, call it timer put in that link there. I like to make all my mixed up browser sources at 1920 by an 80. Figure this out the reason I do that, because you can see I already have a browser source made. Um, the reason I separate my browser sources is, so I can control where I want the browser source to show up. Maybe I don't want a timer. On my gaming screen, or possibly I want my timer on my gaming screen, but not on my talking screen, you know, just chatting screen.

It allows me a little more flexibility without getting too many commands dependent on one browser source to where I decide to change things up. Then I have to now go through each command and make sure it has its own browser source just makes it spotless and nice now that we have that set up, um, let's, go ahead and make our overlay widget. So again, we'll go to the three. Lines up in the left-hand corner, we'll go to overlay widgets, add overlay widget. And then check it out check all the things that you can probably, you know, you do.

You can do chat messages clip playback, which I'm curious. I want to mess with this in credits. I want to mess with this as well so on and so forth, it's its, a lot of things that you can actually do, so I'm going to mess with the timer. You know, next we'll call this, uh, we'll, just we'll, just mess around and call it the voice.

Timer voice. Timer we're going to click our timer overlay we'll, just do five seconds. Easy, easy. Um. Text, color, we'll. Do cyan.

My favorite color is blue, and we'll, make it. Uh, 120 just so you can see it up here is where you can select, you know where you want it on your screen. This is kind of, you know, this is a quick little reference, but it doesn't really get it to where you want. If you have a very specific area, this just is generic we'll. Keep it centered percentage is really nice. You can control exactly. Where you want this position to be and same with the pixels without a slider, but I like percentage because it has a pleasant slider knife.

You know, it's very trial, very user, friendly, keep ours in the center. Um, if you know HTML, you know, your style, go ahead and mess with this. This is something I'd like to learn how to do. And I don't know, yet, then if you wanted to do a command with your timer, you could do command.

You can go advanced. I mean, look at all the things you can do you can do a command with. A command, basically, uh, but what say for our voice for our voice at the end of the timer when it counts down to zero right? We can do, uh, hotkeys, you know, press one, you know, press it and and and shift so that way it automatically.

If you uh set up your voice mod, which I can show you guys how to do in a later video, if you guys liked comment below, um, if you're using voice mod, you can have your clear all voices as a hot key that way you're, mixing up presses the hotkey. And now your voice goes back to. Normal it's, pretty cool.

Um, we won't add like a command to this. Um, we won't do any of that we'll just we'll just make the timer. Now let's.

Go ahead and just make a command right? New, command, f, basic chat, basic sound. I have always gone into the advanced command. This is where you can just really go nuts with it. We'll say, change. Voice, we'll do voice as the trigger. Now you can do your command group, uh name like, um, specific groups to you know, organize your commands.

Better use your permission user. You. Know you can make it only the, you know, an affiliate a partner, a follower can use these commands stuff like that, um. But within this advanced command now you can layer your one command, it's, freaking cool.

So let's do this let's? Does a chat message? Right?

Voice has now been? Uh. Now then changed for five seconds. All right now. We'll go and add in, um, the timer the way to do that it is the overlay right. So you go to overlay type of overlay scroll down to the widget.

You made voice timer, visible, all right. Go ahead and save that, uh, command or exist. I think I already made this command. We'll just do voices. Yeah. I already made this command because I was practicing how to teach you guys all right so let's go to chat, we'll, pull up a preview here and let's hope on the first try. I can get this going so let's do voices, boom, there.

It is. Now you have a timer set up to interact with your um stream. Uh, I hope this all answers your questions. If you guys want me to get more detailed, let me show you.

Let me show. You real quick, if I can while I have your attention, let me show you my voice set up here. Okay. So I go to events right? We have twitched channel points redeemed. Then these are all the different redemptions. Basically, baby.

Voice. Redemption, this is the reward or the uh channel point name or channel. Redemption name. I guess, uh, baby. Voice, right. So when someone clicks on baby voice, bot recognizes that, and then does this action group. Okay, so let's go to the action group.

Look at all the action groups. I. Have I believed for channel points, you can actually go to channel points and make it here. But I have not used that yet, I'm still kind of experimenting with it let's go to baby voice. I showed you that before look at this look at all that. Now, what I might do is within the timer that I have made for this, um I'm going to add a command to basically clear everything out.

Because what I have here is, I have the announcement of the purchase, a picture shows up and everything. And then at the end of here, This last thing here it says, it turns off the voice, but what I could do is within my timer then my timer I could set that up, and I won't have to do the whole weight or anything like that. So I don't know, we'll see I'll probably incorporate that there. But this is how I set up my voices. Um, I can show you guys.

I can run you guys through that. Let me know also what's really neat about, um mix it up is you can share your commands? So, uh, if you guys want me to share various commands like that one.

There that I just you know that I made the voice, you know, interaction, um, I can make a discord area called like freebies and then commands can go under there. Oh, man. Thank you all for listening to me ramble.

I hope this helped a lot if it didn't join my discord. Let me help you the best that I can through that join my stream. I on twitch also, um, you know, just message me and say, hey, you know or comment below, hey, you went a little fast or whatever, you know, how can I make these videos more helpful?.

For you should I make a step-by-step script because I'm sort of going off the cuff here, um I'm, hoping to upload one tutorial a week. One news video, a week, one clip, montage, a week three videos a week, basically and um, maybe the clip montage could be something from you guys from the slick slayer community. So let me know what your thoughts are below in the comments and hope you all have an awesome time. Tinkering with your stream, I'm, not the expert here, I'm, not your stream, professor I'm, not your.

Stream doctor, I'm, not whatever they want to name themselves. I'm a simple. Man. I just loves tinkering have a good day. Furthermore, I'll, see you later.