How To Download Adobe Trial Version Software

Aloha guys welcome to the tutorial for downloading the software and an introduction to photoshop. So I've clicked on the link, and it's directed me right here. And we want to just download photoshop at this point in time. We will later want to download Dreamweaver. But at this point in time, we want to download photoshop cs5. And this is optional.

So this is for those who would like to use it. So with photoshop, you just click on try, and it will kind of he'll figure out what your software you're operating. System is so right now, I'm using windows and so it's, given me the Windows version English and sharing me the size.

And then if you're using a Mac, it will show, you know, Mac, OS, 10 or whatever. And then we can click download now, I'm going to pause the video every now. And again, sir might cut through some downloading parts, because it does take a bit of time to download also to note that you need an adobe account. So sometimes when you click on it, it will ask you for your Adobe ID and password. Or to create, and Derby account is very easy, and it's free to do, so I'm going to pause the video right here and then, um, we will carry on, but the rest of the tutorial. Ok. So it's brought up this Akamai download manager.

And now it's asking me where I want to get put this. And I just want to keep it on desktop and then click, ok. So it's now downloading the EXE file for those who are using macs, there will be a dot DMG file. And so it's pretty much similar, but they have, you know, it's just different for. Your Mac users and for those using pc. So it looks like it's going to take a while it might take a little shorter.

But when it is fully downloaded, I will come back, and I will continue the rest of the tutorial. Okay, guys. So this is why you should see you should have a thank you for downloading. And you should now have your Photoshop.

So one is an EXE file, or if you're using a Mac you'll be of DMG file that will be your application file. The other one will be a zipped file. We weren't using that at this. Point in time, but we just want to double-click on the EXE file and I get that loading.

So we want to find out where this is going to be located. Remember the folder, so it's going to be on the desktop, adobe cs5 and photoshop click next. And then you should have this little window staring to prepare files, I'm going to let that load it's going to take a little. So when that's done I will get back two guys, okay. So we've just finished, um with the downloading of adobe photoshop. Now we have our Bobby. Cs5 photo, we want to click and open that you want to go in photoshop, adobe cs5 when we want to click on this setup, right here.

So double click that and start your setup mm-hmm. Now it says that you need to restart the computer to make sure that it installs corrective. And so we want to just ignore and continue just for this point. But you want to click quit for that. This is just the purpose of the tutorial. So when I see the restart just click that it needs to be that, you can click quit at.

This point in time, just going to ignore and continue. And this shouldn't take too long, maybe them me there we go. So now you will come up with this box, which is our installation wizard. And so right now you can select which language you would like we want to stick with English, and you want to click accept. Now you have two options to provide a serial number, or you can install the product of the trial for this purpose for this class, we're, going they're going to use the trial, which is for 30 days, and we're. Going to just pick English and then click Next.

So this is pretty much just step by step just follow the prompts click install. And then it will start calculating your time and short percentage. So this is going to take a while, but I'll, wait till it's completed, and then I will show you the rest of this tutorial. Okay. Welcome back.

So afterwards, you would see success, um, I had already closed it. But here we go. We have our degree photoshop, cs5 installed. So now we can start working on our projects and. Getting those graphics that we need to for this class. So thank you for watching. And in the next tutorial, you start going into Photoshop and learning everything.

There is to know about the basics fundamentals of Photoshop and how we can better create the graphics and produce them for the rest of. This course,