How Im Studying For The DAT!!

And if you don't know what a key is I'm about to change your life, I Oh, welcome back to my channel. First I, just wouldn't start by saying. Thank you all so much for all the support on the first video I had so much fun filming it and editing it. But thank you so much for watching it and commenting and subscribing and liking, and I'm just really excited about this channel, and I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

So for the video today, I'm going to be talking about my DAT study plan. Specifically I'm going to tell you what resource I chose to purchase in order to help me study for this I'm also going to talk about how I decided on that resource and the research that I did, and how I found what would work best for me. Then after I, talk about what I decided. And why I decided it I'll then tell you what my actual plan to study is going to be.

So first I want to talk about how I decided my study resource, and I'll just tell you upfront, I chose that boot. Camp I started researching. About all the different DAT study packages, honestly back in January because I wanted to be totally prepared and know exactly what I'll need for myself.

I would HIGHLY recommend doing all the research and all the different study tools because depending on what you've already known about all the sciences, or what you feel like you're going to struggle with the most that'll, really determine what you should get for yourself for me, I watched a bunch of videos about what people who are already in. Dental school use when they study from their DAT and what they thought work best for them and what other resources they may have used in addition to their main resource along with this I have some pre dental friends I talked to. And my pre-dental Club at my university kind of session about the DAT, and what those students used to study for it. But the biggest piece of advice I can give to you for when you're choosing what study resource you want to use, because it is a big deal, because what you. Choose will determine what you will get on the DAT, and also it's a lot of money.

So you need to make sure that you're making right decision. The best thing that you can do this is doing your own research, decide the resources that's best for you and not what is most common or most popular. However, most of the time what's in stones coming in most popular is what's going to be best for you. You should still do your own research and make sure that you know what you need. And what you're going to get out of. The resource that you decide another perfect way to figure out what resource you want to use is by joining the DAT Facebook group, Sandy's have thousands of people in them.

And all the people in the Facebook group are super nice. If you have any questions about anything like applications or different things about different resources, there's. So many people out there to give you advice such people who are in dental school people who are still an undergrad people who are applying.

And I just like that is a great place to go if you're looking for advice on resource use or people's opinions on the different resources that they decided. So one of the main reasons that I decided CT boot camp is because I know that for me, personally, I'm going to have to do a lot of reviewing of the sciences and math and learning of the perceptual abilities portion of the exam for biology. It comes with a condensed version and a larger textbook version of what you need to know, and it's all catered to. The DAT and not just a general biology textbook that I may already have at home along with that for general chemistry and organic chemistry. There are Mike's videos, which are a guy named Mike who is teaching you organic chemistry and general chemistry, and it's also, super nice, because it has an outline of notes for every single video that you can just follow along and fill in and take your own notes and ask all the questions already typed out for you then for the perceptual abilities part. It. Also comes with videos that explain how to do each section of it.

And of course, it comes with tons of different PT generators. There are also videos for the reading comprehension section and the quantitative reasoning section as well. So that's, the main reason why I chose CT boot camp is for the learning aspect of it comes with question banks. And so you can answer those questions, and you can tag the questions as you know, I, really, don't know this or kind of know this, or I've mastered this, and I know. This for sure I think it's also important to note that DT boot camp offers you several free things.

If you go to Quizlet, DT boot, camp has a ton of free biology, Quizlet flashcards and like I mean, a ton of them. So DT boot camp comes with all those lesson videos or textbook for biology. Question banks, tenets practice tests in the study schedule that comes with DT boot. Camp is super helpful, because if you're looking at all of those sections and all the information that you need to learn, it can be.Extremely, extremely overwhelming. But the study schedule does a really nice job of breaking everything up and going at a nice pace, that's fast enough to where you can get it done in 70 days, but also not so fast that you're completely overwhelmed at least not yet day 3. So those are the main reasons why I chose boot camp.

So now I've kind of already talked about my planner with following the DT boot camp schedule, but I feel like my most challenging subject is going to be biology. So I'm, wasting no. Time on getting started on that like I said, the UT boot camp does have the free quizzes flashcards, but I really like to use Aka. And if you don't know, Aka is you need to know it is right now because it's awesome.

So Quizlet is super great for like searching pre-made flash cards. But Aka is something that you have to make your own flashcards for which does take more time, but I feel like making them yourself also helps you learn the material. But the reason I like on keys, because you can tag it cards.

As easy medium hard and based on what you tag them as it will show them to you a certain amount of times a day or give you a span of time. So say, I'm reviewing a card and I think it's, super easy, Annika won't show me that card for a week or so. But if I'm reviewing a card and the card super hard, Aka will show me that card probably every day until I feel like it's, getting easier. Then it'll show me every two days.

And then as I start to really master that material, it won't show it to me for several. Days so it's, super nice way to actually memorize the material long term, so I'm using the AMA key flashcards for biology. So once I read the biology notes, I, then make flashcards for them and go through them by chapter.

And so far that's been working really well for me again, I've only been studying for three days. So I don't have everything all figured out. Yeah, I'm. Not I. Pretty much am I following the deity, boot camp schedule to a tee.

And maybe taking more time on subjects I feel like are a little. More difficult also towards the end of my studying I haven't decided yet if I'm going to use CET destroyer or not if I do purchase that it'll simply be for more practice. So that's all I have about how I'm sending through the DT like I said, it's, just super important that you are researching on your own. What resource is going to be great for you because everyone has a different way of studying and everyone learns best differently. So it's just super significant that you are catering to yourself and not. To what everyone else is doing. So as I continue studying I'll, probably make another video about halfway through as to how am I setting it's going, and if I'm sticking to the schedule and what I'm finding difficult, what I'm finding easy with strategies have I been using that word best for me and what isn't working so stay tuned for that if you're interested in that, and I'm hoping to post again, next week so be looking forward to that.

So, yeah, that's pretty much all I have. Thank you guys so much for. Watching please like share and subscribe keep on smiling in I'll, see you all on the next one bye.