Goth Reacts To 40 Years Of Men's Goth Style (in Under 5 Minutes)

Sup FAM, my name is Richie from social incapable of love. Yes, I'm filming. This video on Valentine's, Day, mainly because I hate myself, but also because I'm putting off going out to dinner.

But for today's React, video I saw it's, Black Friday. One of the gas theists Goths out there with her husband decided to react to a video called 40 years of goth, men's fashion, or something like that. But honestly I'm really surprised I've, never seen or reacted to this before it's been out for almost a year.

Now. I think, I reacted to the women's one. But here is the men's version, which is exponentially more relevant to me, regardless of if you think I'm a goth or not as one big phony, or if I'm just kind of a new-age goth thing.

Yeah, I wanted to watch this with you guys and kind of share with you my opinion on it. But before we give this video, a gander I wanted to let you all know that this video is sponsored by a company called audio blocks. They are essentially an organization that provides many audio. Clips over a hundred thousand to be exact loops, sound effects, song and music compositions that you can use for your projects that means YouTube videos, podcasts and all that good stuff, even for commercial use, not even just personal stuff like YouTube channels. But for bigger more important projects, and personally I wish I knew about audio blocks sooner as a smaller channel. Because you end up getting stuck with really, really lame royalty-free YouTube music, like the infamous ukulele track that. Everything you do were used to you, but instead, you get quality tracks like this one, or maybe some a little more sad more my speed.

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Oh, yeah. Girl. So I started off strong with the UM, the blue eyeshadow under the eyes, I love it. How they start in 1976 with the Punk. Because I guess Loss wasn't, even really like the actual style, wasn't a thing yet because it really took hold in the 80s, new romantic.

So the Cure essentially hold man, he looks, he looks feminine. Ok. So now we're getting into like, yep, traditional goth or Arab, Arab gas for a second I thought. It was going to look more like a hair metal band, but no that's, actually the Cure really the hairstyle gives it away.

I think I own those boots, I mean out. Cyber. Our game is on point in this one and the contacts. So.

Far this one's, my favorite check it out man, I would wear that the trench coat, the hair probably not the fangs it's more of a scream key. We kind of deal, but I, dig it. Okay, I, definitely own those boots. I, don't know, a lot of shoe accessories Oh J's.

So Trent Tenor, how would be let's make? How many people are going to be pissed off of me in the comments, men she's wearing a kilt I? Remember, my dad told me that I should add a kilt to my goth moth.

Outfit, I think it would look good. And then from a. Meme all I could think of now when looking at cybergoth is that meme of them dancing and like any musical clip goes with them dancing, oh the trip. And that brings back the memories man, I, actually wore short pants on, ironically back in like 2003.

Here we go. Oh, my god. They just said that emo is goth guys, I don't.

Look at the comments after the suit. They just said, emo with God I can hear everyone yelling. The feather, shoulder, pads do not like the goatee Edwardian.

Okay, I like that. A lot - the goatee. The. Goatee looks stupid everything else that way plus I've seen people wear those like nose rings with uh with the dangle bits that goes from like your ear to your nose, I'm, not sure if I feel about it, I've seen some people pull it off, but I know, I could never do something like that because I would accidentally tear it out to them clumsy, too many dangle bits from your skin, that's. Terrifying hair, taller than my will to live. Yep that looks like it's, Black, Friday's, husband, LA's.

Well that that was. Certainly something, huh, okay. So that was 40 years of goth, men's fashion, I, I, really liked the vampire look and I. Guess? The Edwardian era, which is the 2010s, which is obviously recent to now I, really I resonate it with those the most I actually really enjoy these videos, because they get most of it right - I feel like the 2005 emo thing was kind of thrown in there, because they didn't have anything for a while I think in between cybergoth and Edwardian, there really wasn't much shift that was. That was noticeable, so they're, like, oh, . It emos wear a lot of black forgot.

But at the end of the day when it all comes down to it goth like any other subculture or fashion is subjective, and what you make of it as long as you're having fun with it and not killing people, you know, you can call yourself goth. If you want like, yes, I, identify as gosh. Sometimes most of the time I just tell people an alternative, but I do love. The sub-genre I love. The way it looks I love the music in it. So for all. Those elitist out there that have kind of a checkbox that like you have to smoke cigarettes, we're all black and be pissed off.

And we listen to this kind of music, otherwise you're, not God. Well, we go , yourself, that's, that's, not how this works. But anyway, have you seen this video? What did you think of it?

What do you think of the goth sub-genre? And what should I react to next I'm? Wondering?

If there's any more videos like this I want to watch more of this, and as always stay sad, but not too sad. And I will see you later, Wow, yay,