Exporting Jpg From Sketchup

Hello class in this video we're going to do one more thing to get this ready for Photoshop and that's safe it as a JPEG that mentioned in class that boasts all 3d modelers, although they're often vector or BIM models the perspectives when you export them, they come raster, and they become perfect for working within Photoshop, and so we're going to do it just a few settings just to make sure you get a really high quality image to be able to work with this in Photoshop and to do that I'm just going to. Go to file, and I'm going to go to export we're going to go to 2d graphic now you're going to go ahead, and it's going to probably be defaulted to JPEG as safe being saved right there. But if you do, if you don't change your options, you're, not going to get a high enough quality. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to options right down here, and I've already done this.

But yours is probably checked at if you haven't made any changes. Yours are going to be checked at use view size and that's what's gonna. Limit your pixels because this is going to be based off your monitor where they can get definitely higher quality in that, so I'm going to uncheck used view size and I, usually pick one or the other and I defaulted at 5,000 back in the day about that was about as much as ketchup could handle, I know now they can go higher. And if you really want a high quality would be a bigger file size, you can go higher, but I find 5,000 pixels for with still looks pretty good you'll.

Notice that the height. Automatically changes. So you can leave that alone. If you want the height to be 5000 alternatively, you could do that that's just going to make this number bigger, but I've, essentially added a lot of pixels to this image, it's going to be higher quality going to be better to use and Sketch up. So I'm going to do that I'm going to say, okay, and then I'm going to go ahead and find a place to save it. And you of course, save yours.

Wherever you want to here, I'm going to go here, I'm going to say house 3d, working, yeah, that's. Fine for me, I'll say, I'll say export, and it might just take a second or two don't, forget I have shadows on, and I have my scene saved. I went over those in other videos, both very important things, but that's it. Now, it's a JPEG if I came over here, we can probably check this out I can remember where I saved it somewhere in here it is right here. And there it is sort of zoom large, innit I, didn't know, by default didn't open in Photoshop, which of course, is what we're gonna work on. But there we go.

Looks and of course, you can sort of see if it really matters it's, actually a higher quality than your monitor right? So this is looking better because I set that higher quality. So it looks pretty good, but we can do a lot of work with this in Photoshop and that's. What we'll be looking at next. So hopefully your Ketchup model came out, really nice, and we're going to make it. Even nicer here.

Alright, see you next time.