EG 18 Physics | Optics | Example 18 | Class 12 | Chapter 6

On Good, Morning, America Malabar, the in vertical Body in the proud of a partner in a fantastic problem. The Paran an object of five millimeters. You know, object in the millimeter recur, he is placed at a distance of 15 centimeters from a convex lens of focal length 10 centimeters. He is an array of focal and put the centimeter either in Basel II in the centimeter. Thirdly, I am. The millimeter algebraic up in Tourette. Second ones of focal length sighs inhibitor is about a focal length and a centimeter.

Misplaced certain centimeter from the first lens you rather novel centimeter Bellway, Caprice. Alright, I'm. 55 centimeters from the object, father, NG+, Napa's, I'm, birthing gentleman to the lyrical find the position of the finite image, its natural rights and its size family. And there is a playing laughs. Well, cut two centimeters could be a Toronto fuel insulator.

The pardon is a centimeter so I win. And the millimeter where I'm going to pour it into my capital level. I need a centimeter Cuvier trombone day. You're in turbulence model, insulator Kenya, the centimeter to level you totally, relying on I. Am the plane the centimeter to level to make up another each overlay heap in word or overtake Hong Longer.

Here we give birth in la position, given birth in Tan may, right? Other virtual Arielle been within all about a dimension. So you know, Mr. Hanna is a kid Connor. So no more actual reading the option in their clever Names, a relic a write-in option Katie. You know, no - alarm and the riddle and so effective Lin. Skidooed o'clock so upon a mannequin wanted, you know, one way EF is equal to 1 by f1, plus 1 by f2, + D divided by F 1, F 2, even the former again, is war.

We go I. Think you funded NSA, one and didn't see anything clear, I mean, duplicate of the murder of Dana say, whey, we apply formula that becomes a tedious process. Right? So nobody. Na, Na, you didn't want to recur.

So even early in an image below upon their image will have the China otherwise in the cob jet upon car, mommy way in the will previously remember. Simpler won't play now mistakes in llama, you say, yeah, Judah Cornell, render the more economical Robbie right? So first, my - a permanence motor Makarios, copper on limbs, clear the colony in the cinema totally object, rocker. So U is equal to minus 15 right, which is equal to F that is focal and either in the convection cell per centimeter so positive. So EF is equal to 10 centimeters.

So either end later the slope on I, minus NJ long weekend, which I wouldn't be a V. Minus 1 by U is equal to 1 by F in. The Karachi now plus 1 by u viral, you - Parker Banal, the - Amar'e row. So 1 by 10, minus 1 by 50. So the same planning is simply a one-day-long. This is 150 15-10 side every 150 1 by 30.

This means V is equal to 30 centimeters by inner cone. Getting it now sent that letter for this intimate totally image will oppose an order that may appear home. Simple, I M is equal to V by u. This is a magnification factor. So mu divided by minus 15 like this is minus 2 upon American lottery. There are other ends to. Murder the purser who invert I answer - lucky.

It is. It is inverted. So upon a minor theologically in the hundred centimeters, early in our home, who put a centripetal in the Morocco right Yahoo, even though they say several over qua x either in dollar multiple offender in there. This means what the millimeter allows the rule centimeter are ho right distance for Sigma is an OP a cinematographer. So this is 10 centimeter arc, meaning who do you me the lens con?

And you - 10 celibate Romero, you know, the. Focal length 5 centimeters if I NSA's, mo matey grieving, the lens control, Chan circuit. So putting less so one day we - one day you may you - so this becomes plus is equal to 1 by face. So one day we are equal to 1 by 5 - home Peyton. So anyway, Telecom NASA ticket again, I and I got along. Okay, correct 1 1 divided by 10.

So we - ten centimeters again, positive worker. So in the pocket, but two centimeters thinly image women. So already a magnification factoring, a kind of reaching an R is simpler.

No - Angelo. Moody your contribution moody you. So already magnification factor putting enough.

This is V. Do it by v is equal to 10 centimeters U is equal to minus 10. So this is minus 1. Then unless I say image, 0, pause, simpler - injector either when the word I said, debated in shape. So now minus integral long dimension, minus 1 are the. So again, you multiply with minus 1 1 centimeter upon an image, but 2 centimeters.

Thirdly, you know centimeter, whereas economic correctly as simply as that plane, la-dee-da VO, Sunday heroes Arcane saying, a common box today about that I said, yeah,