Earth Origins Suede Sandals W/ Adj. Straps - Barkley With Jane Treacy

These are sandals that a dear friend of mine who's on her feet, all the time, and she kind of has some issues with her feet. And she asked me for a recommendation. She wanted a fun cute little sandal, and she wanted to be able to have something that she could also do some walking in, because she had just gotten Fitbit totally adjustable. And let me tell you last summer. This was what saved me I had a awful corn on my bunion.

And it was not going away. I had it for months. It was really painful. And the. One shoe I could walk in so easily was this one because I could adjust it. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Earth origins. These are I think the best sandals they've ever done.

And they've made them even girlie. So they're a little more fun and feminine. They stay on your foot I've, walked tons of steps in these. This Frankie was kind of like my summer beach, sandal I would wear it. You know, when I'd walked on the boardwalk or walked up and down Atlantic Avenue. Thank you very much.

I'm wearing them in. The beautiful soft brown I'll show you the two colors that I have though we also have it in your blue. So this is the most denim friendly color, and we have medium and wide with yay. And we have a featured price of 40 for 16 that is that sexy, sporty sandal. Then we have them in that. Gorgeous, soft orange that color is great.

We have it in black, and it's a full on to the black sole black shoe I own it. In pink that was the second color I got, so I did order it in the pink after for the very first time, I. Had gotten it in the brown, so I started with brown, and then I got it with pink. Why Sally Combs get in here and show everybody how sexy fabulous you can be looked at her maxi dress, oh I thought, I'd, put my money where my mouth is I always talk about wearing these with a maxi dress. So I showed a couple one night.

This is how I would wear these all black, the totally chic black, so it's date night, Comfort, yeah, I got my eyes all done up and everything amazing job. Okay, yeah as much fun as we're having this. Is actually really really really serious Footwear. Yes, like I said, you saved me last year. I don't want colors, but then I love, the fact that I'm not just clumping around at a sports and Alert look incredible in this with your maxi dress. This truly is a sandal. And it is a sporty-er sandal that you can wear on your summer vacations walking on the boardwalk, your theme, parks, whatever you're going to do.

And then it will carry you into the evening. You can throw a maxi dress on I, put the black on just because. I feel like it was a little dressier a little more chic, but really, and you had mentioned earlier too. This is our second version of this. And what we did was we made it a little more feminine. So we've narrowed the straps a little girly.

Yeah, we put an angle on it. That adds a nice femininity on the foot. And again, it's a triple strap. All three straps are adjustable it's, a back strap, which I like, so it's connected to your feet, especially if you're going to wear something all day and into the.

Evening they're all hook and loop, closures. So they're extremely adjustable very secure. And again, this is from our earth origins collection that we love and a lot of gals love the earth origins, we know that they've asked a lot. And this comes in as you'd mentioned, both, yep, yep, we're, not leaving anyone out there. Talk about the construction too, because this is serious wellness, comfort, footwear all at the same time because you began as the famous earth shoe. Yeah, 70, yes. We have an over 40-year history.

In making wellness for the feet with any brand that you get from the earth brands, collections you're going to get that 40 year heritage of wellness. We were started by a woman named Ann Also. She was a Danish yoga instructor. And she believed that wellness should start with the feet. So here we are 40 years later for different collections. This is the earth origins.

And again that wellness, it starts with the heel you're going to get a heel cup, and the cushioning you're going to get that support when. We Jane, we put like three times our body weight on that heel. So it's really important that you have proper shock, absorption as well as cushioning and there's that graphic that shows there's that yep there's a footed that shows the heel cushioning. And then we have the arch support it's reinforced.

But it also has the cushioning on top of it. So it's, not going to be super hard on your foot. You have the cushioning over everything.

And then we've taken the cushioning all the way through the ball of. The feet for me, personally, I love having the arch, but I like the support that's taken all the way through the ball, my feet that's kind of the tender area for me and my meat. So it's, very significant that I have that cushioning and support all through the ball of my feet, it's, a flexible outsole with a nice tread on it and I just read on Facebook that some of you have one specific lady said, can you please show the inside of the sandal let's? Do it? Can you please show I don't, ask all the time and? Nobody does so here's me doing what you asked I really do read your comments.

I guess, one, I'm, sorry, but I read them. Sally knows I answer you. But yes, you do in a very soft material that that hook and loop is attached to.

But this is all lined. And that really soft almost like a moleskin like material, it's, super soft. And this is the area I think that you needed it's, really pleasant, it's, adjustable, too. So you can tighten it or loosen it again. Here is a great shot of the footed. We have a pleasant soft in. Protects lining, you can see the arch there that's, not only supported by the rubber sole, but it's also then has this wonderful cushioning on it.

And then the heel the cushioning that's all the way through the heel. This is a great. This would be a great intro. If you've never worn earth origins or any of the earth collections, this would be a great one to start, because you can,, it's totally adjusted, and we're playing not only vaudeville with Charlie.

Look at you, pretty in pink I own that pink I love. You. In that pink, but look at on the bottom of your screen, I, don't know if you just notice we had a lot of those scary colors pop up. So green means it's available pink like six wide that's, getting to the point where it's almost sold and believe it or not at this time of year.

We might not be getting a lot more orders in after this one. If at all thank you very much if it's red, it means it completely sold out I'm. Sorry about that if it is sold out I love, you too so much. But sadly, you could do a. Waitlist, but if it's gray and some of those colors, turn gray, that means you can't, even do a waitlist orders so get it. Now it seems early, but it's, not it's the urchins in the show. It is a two five.

One, four, six, eight, I, loved it. So much I came back for another color, and it's. One of our must-haves.

It is the sport sandal. Okay. So if you want to see more.