Dev Meat 🍖 On GaiaOnline ZOMG! ( 3 ) Biggest Traditional Size

Okay now, I'm just getting stupidly big. The in beginning, shenanigans, oh, literally huge now, massive, oh, that's just crazy. This size is what we used to call lusty big, because we used to have someone called lusty old and more often than not. They would want to be plus 700, or at least plus 800. I think havoc said that this is plus 700. But this. This is pretty much lusty old, big and down the bottom here apart from being sat down call me cookies about the size of what pastel jock used to be years ago.

Well, not that long ago, but a while, but if you're your want to be lusty big, this is about the right size. Oh, boy news. Pop looks like she's disappearing. Now, yeah, that's a lamp behind me, glowing check out that boob age duckies, jugs, baby rack barbies, a couple of bolted, including math havoc has disappeared as well. So I may end up having to take a walk.

Yeah, I wish I could tell who all was leaving. I might go for a walk in basin lake after this just to see how big I am outside the town. But yes, this. Is what we officially call lusty big at the dev meet when Maddox opens the admin panel and in big guns happen, but it is now 4 25 in the morning, uh.

And I think I'm going to have to think about wrapping. It up. Look at them bars at the bottom they're, so they're so big, the pet need the ghee bar and the strength bar, massive, and it's getting lighter again now. Well, I think it is a.m, no 24, maybe it's. The opposite I'll get so confused now.

And I think we'll lend this one here, lusty, big, oboe, hello and bigger. Whoa, you.