CLOSE ONE! - Dead By Daylight! (grandmaster Adept)

All right, let's, see two, pip traffic, uh skeleton. Thank you for the prime. Appreciate man.

We might not be able to use traps, because it does waste some time putting them down, but we'll see I might just have to be a mouse. Once we'll, see though this is the uh testing game to see kind of how it's going to be need to look at your feet, I'm losing points here need to watch out for that. Ah, ugh. Sorry.

Lad, it's, not what I usually play, but I'm doing a depth gun master. I need to be a dick unless you're really gonna. Loop in nice life going after him might have been a lost because we'll. Go after him later, pleasant. Okay. We've hooked her.

Once we know that that's a slow one, though got a pleasant trap here, balanced balance, very small, don't care about him. I really hope they don't know about this spot it's, the more advanced one it's, where they do the uh, the separate loop that guy, you know, live. Okay. Did you know about that trap? , pleasant. He knows about that too. What was he just looping?

Badly? . He knows about it that's. Such a pair, uh, oh, this goes down. All right?

How many? Uh hooks, we got no no. I need to know the names.

You know, I've got that thing still? Right? One. Another one, okay, good that's.

All I need, I'm always asking so much. Uh, remembering who I've hooked is just too it's. Just adding too much knowledge. I can't believe that guy knew about my trap though that was that. So, um, I require Oslo too, is that Jake dead jigsaw?

Italy, too. No they're. Not all in two that's. A lie really, oh, sake, that's, a beer. Two, one, one. Are you giving too much conflict in uh information? The first is two, two there's.

Two on one. I require, uh. I require concise.

Furthermore, I think this guy's, dead balance. Nice, they're all on one. Okay, oh, that would be nice to know because I couldn't hook that Jake.

I wasn't sure about him, they're a bit too official like Jen's got to a awful spot. But they somehow all overcame it like went on gens. They knew what to do like. I didn't, give them too much time to do it just a bit too efficient on gens.

I played him. Almost perfectly, I think I played him as good as I possibly could, I think they were just too efficient on gens? Oh, well, I think I require designated people telling me the uh hooks because, um, I got very confused when I saw that one one one, because I was sure that was wrong, but I had to think about it while also multitasking three survivors around the map it's. Peter madden, we had this.

I reckon, maybe not. I think they were as I said, they're, a bit too good on Jen's lupus. We had it though one of. The guys somehow knew where uh the uh, the traps were like he was good at spotting where the traps were I'm. Yeah, I could hook that guy. Oh, well, yeah, all I require is, uh the name.

And then a number next to it that's. All I require, um.