Bobcat 763 Fuel Pick Up Tube Repair

Okay, so another issue that I've run into this machine is that after about 15 minutes of run time, it'll run out of fuel or turn off like it's run out of fuel. I can put more fuel in it to where it's full, and then it'll run for another 15 minutes or so buddy of mine suggest that the pickup tube in the fuel tank is broken or missing or have fallen off so let's look into that and see if that's the case I've already sprayed this off with some compressed air, just to kind of clean it up a little. Because I don't want any debris falling down into the tank, I'll probably have to replace this grommet, because it looks like it's, it's leaking somewhat I'm. Sure bobcat makes a special tool for this. Yeah, see I had it. I had it pretty full to run.

It that's. Why I see all that fuel coming out? Yeah, there is no pickup tube there. So that would be the reason why I'll have to run up to bobcat tomorrow and see if I can get a new pickup tube and uh and filter that goes on the end of that all right that.

Shouldn't come off of there. I got a new grommet for this. The bobcat didn't have any clamps, and it looks like whoever replaced this hose before just tightened it with some wire like I just did, uh, hey.

And then I give you a hug. Yes. I'd love to give you a hug. I wonder just how many of these tubes are broken off down inside this tank.

Okay, it's in okay, let's prime up. The bulb and see what we got all right that looked pretty good. Okay, baby. What do you think it's gonna work? Yeah, I think it's. Gonna work too all right? Ready?

One, two, three, baby crops, look at the baby cracks and the zebra crocodiles. All right that was a really easy fix. Thanks for watching guys, and we'll see on the next video have a great day.