7 Things You Must Know Before Starting Call Of Duty WW2 | COD WW2 Basics

Hey, what's up guys Betty here and welcome to Xbox on with sledgehammers cool of Duty masterpiece world. War 2, just about to arrive at our Xbox ones, I thought, it'd be a great idea to tell you everything that you need to know about the game before you start playing. So you can get a nice head start on all your friends. Now, cool of Duty is a game that I get excited about every single year with it being a game, I put thousands of hours into over the years, trying to hone and master every single aspect. Including the multiplayer the campaign, and of course, the zombies, which I think this year could rival Trey arch who a large amount of the call of duty community due believed to be the king of zombies. So in this video I'm going to go over all of that and more as well as give you some tips, which will give you that bit of an edge in cool of duty, World War 2, where better to start than the multiplayer.

Now you may have already had a little of a taster of what to expect thanks to the World War 2, beta. Earlier this year, but there's going to be so much more for you to do and to get your hands on with the full game. Now in my opinion, one of the most exciting additions to this year's Call of Duty, which you have to know about is the inclusion of a dynamic social hub called headquarters think of it like the tower in destiny. Now headquarters has a ton of things that you won't find in other Call of Duty's as well as having other players running around, which helps make that pregame experience a little.A bit more enjoyable and also helps bring it to life. It has a live gun range.

So you can try out different guns and help get warmed up before a match a place to practice using score streaks. So you don't feel like you waste them when you manage to earn one in a game, and you could also 1v1 your friends in the 1v1 pit to help. You decide who's the better player. You can also earn extra in game rewards by manning, the AAA guns and participating in other activities within headquarters.

Furthermore, you can even watch live. Sports events in the theater and so much more, which is pretty damn awesome. But one of the newest additions to Call of Duty is divisions, which has completely changed how the class system works in the game compared to previous years, you have five divisions to choose from infantry, airborne armored mountain and expeditionary. But when you hop once on a multiplayer for the first time you'll be asked to decide a division, and you should base your decision on how you enjoy playing Call of Duty. If you.

Enjoy sniping, you should pick the mountain division as that division has skills which help you be a better sniper. If you like running gunning, you should decide airborne as that Division has skills that make it easier to run and gun. And if you're like me and enjoy being an assault rifle player, you should decide the infantry division as that has skills that help you form that role a little better than someone using the armored or expeditionary divisions, for example, but if you're unsure, which. One's a pick I'd recommend deciding either the infantry or Airborne Division's to start with now, as you rank up, you'll, be able to unlock the other divisions with unlock tokens. But the more you use a division the more passive skills, your unlock, which are known as division training, which will make you that little more effective using that division in a multiplayer game to try to stick to one division at a time. When you first start playing once you decide how you want to play the game for.

Example, once you got to level 4 in the infantry division in the beta you were able to move faster while aiming down sights, which some of you may know as a stalker perk from previous Call of Duty's. So you can get a pretty big advantage over someone who plays a little of each division and haven't unlocked all the benefits, especially when the game first comes out so stick to one division. But one of the biggest things that you're going to notice with World War 2, especially if you only started. Playing Call of Duty in the past couple of years is the movement is going to be completely different to what you've been used to there's, no longer any of that over-the-top advanced movement where you're running along walls and flying through the air of your jetpack it's back to basic real life movement, where it's going to be more about intelligently moving around the map using cover as much as you can and not just sprinting all over the place as it'll be unlikely that you'll be able to survive. If an enemy spots, you who's, just sat waiting behind some cover unlike in infinite warfare in black ops 3 where you could potentially jump out of the way of your jetpack and possibly survive, but I think it's, pretty refreshing going back to that traditional movement and do let me know in the comments. If you prefer what sledgehammer have done in World War two.

Well, would you prefer having that advanced movement system that we saw in infinite warfare and black ops 3? Another big change is that the. Killcam which is so famously known in cool of duty partially thanks to the trick shot community, trying to get the best kill cams in SMD is gone. But in World War 2, they've taken more of an overwatch style approach where instead of just a final kill being played it'll be the best moment in the entire match, which I think is a big improvement.

A means that you'll no longer get caught out. If the final kill was slightly embarrassing and took you millions of bullets to take them out another big inclusion. In World War ii is the brand new game-mode war, where you play as either the attackers or defenders across multiple objectives in a single game, which helps create some epic moments such as repairing a bridge or escorting a tank to destroy the AAA guns, which is a nice change from the regular multiplayer gameplay experience. So it is definitely worth giving a go when you start playing World War 2. Now a mode that I'm extremely excited about with Call of Duty. World. War 2 is Nazi.

Zombies it's been. Described as an original terrifying cooperative mode that unleashes a frightening, new horror story for Call of Duty zombie fans, nothing is as it seems in this zombies' horror as a dark and sinister plot unfolds to unleash an invincible army of the Dead. Now, with a large amount of the sledgehammer team working on dead space. This is going to be a far more terrifying, zombie mode. Then we've been used to in the past you just need to take a look at some of those on the artwork to get an idea of what to.

Expect the first mission that you're going to play will take place in a snow Bavarian village in Middle burg Germany, as you attempt to recover priceless works of art, stolen by the Axis powers in World War ii, the village holds a shadowy secret key to an unimaginable and monstrous power. Now as always with zombies, the mode will be filled with Easter eggs for you to figure out and unlock hidden cutscenes. And a new map will be added to the zombies' mode at each individual DLC drop throughout the year. But this is a mode that you're definitely going to want to try the second you get your hands on the game, and what would a Call of Duty be without an awesome campaign. And this is one I cannot wait to get my hands on to as the game will kick off of you fighting your way through D-Day on the beaches of Normandy and making a way across Europe in a number of iconic battles like the Hurt gen forest.

And the Battle of the Bulge you'll play as private red Daniels. And while playing, you may even recognize. Some of your squad mates as sledgehammer have pulled in some incredibly talented actors, such as Josh dumb all who plays sergeant Pearson, which just helped create the best immersive single-player experience in a call of duty game. So certainly make sure you give the campaign a go when you get your hands on the game also make sure let us know down in the comments below which mode you're going to be playing first, will it be the multiplayer, the zombies or the campaign?

And if you're new to channel do. Make sure to hit that subscribe button drop a thumbs up on the video for Call of Duty, World, War 2, and we'll. See you next time with an in-depth multiplayer tips? Video, we'll, see you guys next time.