1997 Bobcat 753 Rubber Tire Skid Steer Loader Kubota Diesel Aux Hyds Backhoe !!!

Hi guys, dick. Mo here today, fork Supply Company. Do if we're in 1997, Bobcat 753 to the Series machine does have the boss -, and it does have 2400 and 9 hours.

They are original machine. Mechanically is 110 percent. Can you find a single thing wrong with it? We've service didn't, put it through the shock cosmetically, the paint I'm, not going to lie sucks, but there's. One of this, they come from a small little concrete contractor. These will have concrete spider in the front of the machine, which we will Che.

We're starting right back here at the in the park, and they can play around clean is powered by Quota. 43 horsepower, this would be a V 22:03 four-cylinder diesel engine starts and runs excellent there's. No have normal smoke. Noise blow by anything like that. We've had it to shop. We've serviced. Its hydraulic engine fuel filters, both air filters completely service to stay right there.

My start motor starts. Exceptional again, there is no abnormal noise smoke blow by at will leaks anything like that. Injectors everything here is good and dry backdoor is nice and original shuts good show you's. The old lights work in the back boom is not welded or busted anywhere here in the back tires are gonna all be 40%. All of them are match 10, 16 fives own good rims.

Come up here to the front. Typical, Bobcat powder, coat had lifted someone had sprayed some black paint on some time ago gotten affecting I'm just pointing it out does have a set of backhoe mounts to run a 687 or 709 backhoe attachment. But as. Far as this Brunei goes, you can see there is a concrete spider on it, I can't, help it. We could take time and try to clean it up I'm, not going to do that.

And we represent this machine, the way it is. The tilt tower itself is not welded or busted on either side that is very common on something that was abused. A quick touch is very good and tight. We went through it loo top tilt pan. We put new bent pins and bushings in the bottom, not that it was needing it. It just had a little more play on that I like. To see, so we went ahead and then threw it put a brand-new Bobcat seat in it as far as your boom function.

Steering functions. Everything is a hundred and ten percent I guarantee it to be that it's. Just this thing is cosmetically it's. What it is cab has one dent right up top here, but all the lights work. I'll. Take you inside the cab here, and I will show you real quick on the dash again.

This has the Bobcat system you're all like one or headlight, standard pedal control machine. I'm going to go ahead. Turn. The camera back over, and we're going to fire stay up again, we're going to run around show you, oh, we did put a brand new CID. 66 inch heavy-duty bucket on a low profile, gives you a nice, good heavy bucket throwing this machine. The video machine starts runs.

Excellent it's, purely fairly Cosmetics it's. Just the paint that machine has a lot of people laugh. I said, machine just has that feel to use really smooth the hydrostatic Food and strong. Charge pressure is strong. We do propagate joint rate as 3000.

Psi pressure relief as it's supposed to be really is a good machine. Doesn't have the backhoe mount does every hydraulics brand-new bucket that's, 700 bucks good little machine, you're, looking for a good run in 750 3 hours. It is 2400, 9 hours, boss system, there's, no cheating that it's, actually our it's just cosmetic, so I can't help that if you're looking for a good running little machine here, it is checked us out www.imtcva.org, Saxon, Pennsylvania 1, 6, 6 7 8 want to combine see it yourself more than. Welcome to do, so I, don't know anything to hide. You need a transport quote to ship it to you.

Please. Let us know keep in mind. These always chiefs are going to the loading dock or have a rollback service to get it down off for you. But we have been very successful getting trucks with Rams it's, not an issue. But it is cheaper if you have a dog again, you want to come by and see it. We have nothing to hide.

You can come run. It all afternoon, I, don't care, 8 1, 4 6, 5, 8, 3 or 6, 6, thanks, checking out mark supply. Coming have a good day.