1968 Ford Torino Fastback, SOLD

Hey, guys, Jason from ens well speed and fab here with our 1968. Ford guys, this has Torino in a garage for decades, just waiting for you to be uncovered. So when we saw it we're like, okay, we had to have it. It has the perfect stance. A 68 Torino fastback, vintage drag racer you're going to see some goodies on this thing that you probably haven't seen in a long time.

My personal favorite you're used to your normal, four speed, h gate, shifter. This thing has what they call the ram rod, shifter it's forward and. Backwards we'll show you some video on that here in just a second, but it is awesome set up perfectly to drag race. We've been cruising around the shop having a good time with it recently. We just put a brand-new aluminum radiator in it to make sure she's staying cold brand-new coil brand-new carburetor, a lot of things done and ready to make this thing roadworthy the brakes stop this thing on a dime.

And if you want to she'll launch and get you going so let's, take a look at this thing, super solid. Body overall, I have to say, I say it all the time but coming from the Midwest and seeing these solid just really solid desert. Cars, it's, amazing, very little rust on this thing. Quarters doors rockers all very, very solid.

You've got a little coming through right here and a tiny little spot here. And here overall, again, just great condition, a couple more spots on the body that you're going to want to take a peek at here. And here is a little on the roof from sitting for the last little as far as a. Driver man hop in and go. I don't think I would touch this thing if you did want to restore it all the way back to its original glory. You've got a great starting point with solid floors solid. Quarters.

Rockers doors are great everything's. There that's, the cool thing all right. Let's. Take a look inside look at that, just as she was back in the 1980s, I think was the last time it was really used a lot seats are in great shape, very comfortable carpet.

Could use a little of a little of. Attention, but depending on what you're going to do with it, it's, awesome condition, ready to go all right guys if you're looking for a fastback Torino or a cool vintage race car. This is the one for you drop us. A line let's make this one yours today.