08 TriTON - 5.4 3V LOCKED UP!!

Hey, guys, welcome back I. Just wanted to show you a little. What I got going on today. I got a 2008 f-350 with a 5.4 liter in it. Currently, right now, the engines locked up and got this thing off checking out. Everything came with.

It looks good. Get all my tools all set up came with the exhaust manifold, gaskets intake, gaskets. Everything came out. Pretty good. I, started I, don't know, like 7:15 it's like 9:15.

Now, here's, all my parts I just got a disconnect. The exhaust I got disconnect. This take this off.

And converters coming out with the engine because it's locked up, but look what we have here today, hey, girls, hey, girls. We don't usually have this in an in our shop, hey, girls, Graci. So yeah, got a lot of a lot of equipment in here. Pretty, pretty sweet got all over here. Load it up going to get the plugin back on this going to lay underneath to get everything else just got do the motor Mountain and whatnot. So, yeah, I just wanted to show you guys what I had going on.

And this is pretty much what the. Truck looks like, super cab, go what burner going on pretty sweet. So look at another video of once we get it out. But yeah, tell me guys tell me what you guys think about this in the comment section below again, if he's got 130,000 on it 5, 4 3 valves and is a 2008, 4x4 of 350. So, alright, you guys I'll talk to you later.